Former Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts now Voting with Liberals

When President George H.W. Bush appointed John Roberts to the Supreme Court in 2003, Roberts was known, or considered to be a conservative.

In 2005, Roberts succeeded William Rehnquist as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

At first, Roberts lived up to his conservative reputation by voting more conservative, that it is, voting based upon the Constitution and rule of law.

Over the past few years, however, Roberts, for reason not fully understood, has been abandoning his conservative position and voting more frequently with the liberals on the high court instead of conservatives.

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Washington Examiner – John Roberts is voting with liberal justices, but he’s not one of them – Chief Justice John Roberts’ recent votes with the liberal members of the Supreme Court have given rise to speculation he has become the court’s new swing vote, but court watchers say he has not suddenly moved to the Left.

Instead, the chief justice, 64, now sits at the middle of the court and is working to shield it from accusations the justices are politically motivated, they say.

Analysts characterize Roberts as an institutionalist who cares about protecting the Supreme Court’s reputation, and they note that while he has joined the liberal justices, his votes were primarily on procedural motions rather than the merits of the policies.

If issues like abortion, campaign finance, and affirmative action do come before the court, they don’t expect Roberts to offer any surprises…

So, if Roberts’ views are not changing to the left, then why has he been voting with the leftist judges?

Examples of Roberts’ apparent betrayal to conservatives has been recently revealed when he voted with liberals to block President Trump’s asylum policy.

Them Roberts voted with the liberal judges to block a legally passed anti-abortion law in Louisiana that would have required abortion  doctors to have admitting privileges to local hospitals, something many of them don’t.

Roberts then voted with liberals in a case involving a death row inmate in Alabama.



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