Former Clinton State Dept. Employee Pleads Guilty to Charges Involving Chinese Spies

In 1999, then President Bill Clinton was occupying the White House at the same time reporter Candace Marie Claiborne joined the State Department as an office management specialist.

During her time with the State Department, Claiborne was stationed in China, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

Incidentally, all four of these countries have made donations to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2017, Claiborne was arrested and charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States.

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The charges stem from her failure to divulge her relationship with 2 Chinese spies who lavished her and her family with gifts in exchange for information.

Fox News – Former State Department worker, 63, pleads guilty in China spy case – A former State Department employee admitted Wednesday to misleading investigators about accepting thousands of dollars in gifts and benefits from Chinese intelligence agents in exchange for information.

Candace Marie Claiborne, 63, pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington to a charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

“Candace Marie Claiborne traded her integrity and non-public information of the United States government in exchange for cash and other gifts from foreign agents she knew worked for the Chinese intelligence service,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said in a statement. “She withheld information and lied repeatedly about these contacts.” …

During her time with the State Department, Claiborne help a top-secret security clearance.

The Chinese spies provider her with international travel, a fully furnished apartment and a monthly compensation, as well as cash and other gifts.

In some conservative circles, it is believed that Claiborne was guilty of treason by aiding a known enemy of the United States.

The crime she pled guilty to only carries a maximum prison sentence of 5 years, but the crime of treason carries a much stiffer sentence, one that would keep the 63-year-old in prison for the remained of her life.



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