Former Clinton Official Sees Double Standard Between Lewinsky’s Abuse By Media And Clinton’s Worldwide Admiration

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Former Clinton official and current Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers noticed a double standard between how the media treated the “consensual relationship” between Monica Lewinsky and former President Bill Clinton, explaining that Lewinsky was “treated so badly” while Clinton is “one of the most admired people in the world.”

Powers was on Fox News Tuesday afternoon to react to a Vanity Fair story penned by Monica Lewinsky, portions of which were released Tuesday morning. While revealing little new about the sex scandal, Lewinsky did claim the relationship was “consensual” and that the “abuse” came only after the media discovered the affair.

Powers rejected claims that the Clintons were somehow behind this — “I don’t think anytime Monica Lewinsky is in the news it’s good for the Clintons” — but noted the fact that Lewinsky allegedly became “suicidal” during the media frenzy speaks to the depth of her mistreatment.

“I do think that there’s a fair discussion to have, about why is Monica Lewinsky treated so badly and President Clinton is one of the most admired people in the world,” she explained. “So there is something a little off here.”

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“That was the first thing that came to my mind today,” Fox host Gretchen Carlson agreed.

“I mean, her life was destroyed,” Powers added.

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