Ford’s Recall of Sexual Assault Could be Honestly Wrong

I watched the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee and have to admit that on the surface, her testimony looked and sounded credible, but was it?

Under oath, Ford declared that she is 100% sure that her sexual attacker was then high school student Brett Kavanaugh. She never waivered on that declaration.

It was obvious that the Democrats automatically believed Ford, long before she appeared before them, but by her showing up and testifying, while claiming to be terrified, was enough to make her claim credible and believable.

If I knew nothing more than just what I saw on Ford’s testimony, I would tend to believe her.

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However, I have seen a number of instances that still cause me to question the accuracy of Ford’s recollection.

I’ll admit here that I am a fan of true crime programs that detail real criminal investigations and court cases. More than one of these real-life cases show victims that have been 100% positive of the identity of their attackers.

I recall one case where a young girl identified a man as the attacker and killer of her parents. She was positive as to his identity and he was convicted and sentenced to prison, largely on the testimony of the girl. Over two decades later, it became apparent that her identification of the attacker wrong and the man sent to prison was released, after the conviction of the real criminal.

In another case, a rape victim was absolutely positive as to the identity of her rapist and it led to a conviction and prison sentence. Some years later, through forensic evidence, the real rapist was arrested and convicted. After the real rapist was sent to prison, the one rape victim said that she was so sure of who it was that raped her. She was so sure, that she seemed completely credible and would most likely have passed a polygraph test.

Many a lawyer, trial  judge and even police officers will testify that eyewitness accounts are often inaccurate and cannot be completely relied upon. I can personally testify to this when I witnessed an auto accident some years ago. I remained at the scene and gave police my account of what I saw. About half a dozen other witnesses also gave police statements of what they sawm, and in the end, the police reported having several different accounts as to what happened.

Every eyewitness would most likely have passed a polygraph test because they fully believed what they think they saw and heard, even though not everyone could be accurate.

Legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, Rikki Kleiman, appeared on CBS News and also brought up the fact that a person can be so convinced of something that they fully believe it, even if it is not necessarily the fact. She points out that there is sometimes a difference between memory and fact, even if the victim is dead certain of their memory.

I have no doubt that Ford experienced a sexual assault when she was in high school. However, based upon seeing so many people having false memories as to who the attacker was, causes me to question the accuracy of her identification of Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s possible that she always believed it was him when in fact it may not have been, but after years of believing it was him, it is ingrained in her memory so strongly that she believes it 100% allowing her to pass a polygraph test.

Additionally, she claims to have only drank 1 beer before the incident. To many people, that sounds like nothing, but with some people, 1 beer can have quite an impact. I know a woman who if she drank a whole beer, it would affect her to the point of inebriation and this is true with other people as well. One beer would cause her to say and do things that she wouldn’t normally say or do, and it would impact her memory of what happened while under the influence of that 1 beer. I wonder why no one has ever questioned this aspect of Ford’s story, along with the question of whether she ONLY had JUST 1 beer?

I wonder how many of us, including the members of Congress, never did anything in high school or college that we are ashamed of today and wish we had never done? How many of us would want to be held accountable throughout our adult lives for the actions we took while in high school or college? If that was so, how many of them would be where they are today?

Another thing that makes one question Ford’s account of the incident is that she can’t even say when or where the attack took place. She doesn’t know how she got to the location or how she got home afterwards.

As pointed out by Sen. Lindsey Graham, the FBI basically has nothing on which to conduct an investigation if one was called for and that this whole affair is nothing but a ruse by Democrats to delay the confirmation until after the midterms. He feels that Democrats used Ford and ruined her life for their selfish political motives.

Based on everything I saw during the interviews and looking at the background of Kavanaugh, I, personally doubt, that it was Kavanaugh who attacked Ford.


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R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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