(Video) Forced Out: UConn Asst Football Coach Says Jesus Should Be ‘In the Center of Our Huddle’

Ernest Jones, a assistant football coach at the University of Connecticut, has resigned his position only one month after his comment to the media that Jesus Christ should be in the center of his team’s huddle.  The Blaze reports that the university confirmed Jones’ departure in a statement to them on Monday, but declined to state any reasons for his sudden resignation.  Jones was hired just this past January.

According to the official university statement “University of Connecticut assistant football coach Ernest T. Jones has resigned his position at UConn effective immediately.  The University or the Division of Athletics will have no further comment on the matter as it is personnel related.”

Coach Jones made his “controversial” statement that “Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle” during an interview with the Hartford Courant newspaper.  “If you want to be successful and you want to win, get championships, then you better understand that this didn’t happen because of you,” he also said in the interview. “This happened because of our lord and savior. That’s going to be something said by [head coach] Bob Diaco. That’s something that’s going to be said by Ernest Jones. That’s who we are.”

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The Blaze also reports:

President Susan Herbst issued a statement to the Courant, saying staff members at the public university must not take sides on the theological front. “It should go without saying that our employees cannot appear to endorse or advocate for a particular religion or spiritual philosophy as part of their work at the university, or in their interactions with our students,” she said. “This applies to work-related activity anywhere on or off campus, including on the football field.”

Although the UConn administration is remaining hush about what prompted the departure and Head Coach Bob Diaco calls the timing “coincidental, one still has to wonder, especially since the university issued such a strong statement regarding their zero-tolerance policy for any and all statements of a religious nature made “on or off campus.”   The university has apparently forgotten our First Amendment protections to the freedom of speech and religion.  As Bryan J. Fischer, Director of Issue Analysis at the American Family Association, so aptly put it on his Focal Point radio program on AFR Talk, if Coach Ernest Jones had said that “a homosexual should be in the center of our huddle,” the university would have already started a fund to build a monument in the coach’s honor.  That’s how the left works; they only have “tolerance” for all things perverse, anti-religious, or politically correct.

H/T:  The Blaze

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