Football Coach Attacked for Praying

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One of the biggest opponents that Coach Joe Kennedy has is NOT the opposing football team, but his own school district. The Bremerton School District is now telling him that he can’t, on his own, kneel down and pray.

Mat Staver: Matt, we certainly applaud Coach Joe Kennedy. He is a football coach, and for a number of years one of his practices has been to simply go to the middle of the field after the game — he doesn’t ask players to join him, if they want to join him they’re able to do that, if the opposing team wants to join him that’s up to them — but he just goes out in the middle of the field at the end of the game to take a knee.

Now, where did he get this? When he watched Facing the Giants, Facing the Giants is this movie that was made by the Kendrick brothers with a church down in Georgia, and they’re the ones who also made Courageous, Fireproof and they also recently made The War Room.

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The second movie that they created was Facing the Giants and I encourage people to get that video, that DVD, you can get it online or at your local stores, and it’s about two football teams going against each other. And it’s a great entertaining movie but it has a great message. And what that coach does there, is his faith matters and he goes to the middle of the football field at the end of the game and kneels down in prayer, and has time to pray and thank God.

Well, Coach Joe Kennedy watched Facing the Giants and he being a Christian decided to do the same thing. He’s been doing that for sometime, and now someone complained and the school says, “Coach Joe, you better stop going down to the middle of the field, and you better stop taking this knee to pray.”

Matt Barber: Yea…the Superintendent of Schools there, Aaron Leavell, warned this coach in a letter, “Your talks with students may not include religious expression, including prayer.” Well, guess what Superintendent Aaron Leavell, YOU are engaging in an unconstitutional of private free speech and religious exercise. He could not be more wrong.

And this is because of that false notion as the Left portrays it of so-called “separation of church and state,” Mat. Which would say that there can be no even private exercise of religion on any state property, in any state capacity…and that is simply nonsensical. Our Founding Fathers  would roll over in their graves…

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