Fly the Stars and Stripes, Not Radical Rainbow, on the Fourth

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What flag will you raise on the Fourth of July?

Rainbow flags are flying alongside the Stars and Stripes on some government buildings, here and abroad.

Is this what our Constitution now stands for? I’m not buying it.

Does our Constitution stand for the alleged right of men to dress as women and not just enter any American woman’s restroom or shower, but enlist as a “woman” in the U.S. armed forces?

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And how did such lunacy rise to the top of a world leader’s priority list?

On June 25, demonstrators in Washington marked the tragic first anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s attempt to destroy marriage. Five black-robed activists in 2015 committed an unconstitutional injustice by inventing a right that doesn’t exist in America– a right to homosexual behavior as “marriage.”

And the breach of constitutional authority by these judges opened the door to tyranny. A generously-funded movement, including prominent names in corporate America, is well underway to deny freedoms of conscience and faith to Americans who do not want to kneel before the altar of sodomy and don’t want our youth tutored to accept its depravity.

But it is coming, friends, unless we bail out this listing ship and fly Old Glory high again, willing to defend the liberty she guarantees, the principles foundational to our republic.

That liberty is threatened now by enemies both foreign and domestic. Some, as in the case of Omar Mateen, are both foreign and domestic.

But home-grown radicals are not all Islamic sympathizers. Some are represented by the rainbow flag, that symbol stolen from the promises of Scripture just as they are trying to steal the idea of commitment and marriage, while using the Constitution as toilet paper.

It won’t work. Marriage will always be what it is. The rainbow farce does not fool God.

It also does not fool many of our ally countries. Bermuda, for instance just defeated by a 2 to 1 margin a referendum that sought to legalize homosexuality as marriage. The wise Bermudian voters also voted down civil unions by virtually the same margin. Could this be because, despite a leftist media bias even in Bermuda and pressure from the homosexual-friendly travel industry, Bermuda has churches on virtually every corner? And pastors stepped out in truth and educated their congregations about this issue.

Yet at American embassies throughout the globe, Old Glory is being flown next to this rainbow banner of proud sin. Our president and his corrupt administration proclaim the values of Sodom at our embassies abroad by flying the symbol of depraved imperialism even in countries where these sex practices are illegal.

Unless those countries are Muslim. Then the State Department isn’t usually so quick to commit such blatant offense. Ironically, countries with a strong Christian heritage are more likely to get this treatment, as in Jamaica. Wait– aren’t Christians supposed to be those responsible for violence?

The majority in Jamaica, where “buggery” is illegal, do not advocate violence, but also do not want to become America. Yet after Mateen’s massacre, the U.S. embassy in Jamaica flew the American stars and stripes at half-mast, alongside a rainbow flag.

Excuse me? When did a preference for anal sex between men achieve the same status as being an American citizen?

But Obama is shoving egregious sexual anarchy right in the faces of some countries. During  “pride” month, the rainbow flag flew at our embassies in Israel, the Philippines, Vietnam, Rome, the ambassador’s residence in the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

We have aggressive advocates for homosexuality and gender rebellion in our White House and State Department.

God help us.

Missing is respect for the rule of law, the authority of God, or even common courtesy. This is a complete disgrace to the United States and all we stand for– or at least, used to stand for.

Here at home, few are willing to stand up to these radicals. Even some Christians are deceived or asleep, believing we can “love” these folks into a tamer stance. A few homosexuals do respond, thankfully, to the free offer of grace by our Lord, and that’s the good news. The problem is that our Lord is being misrepresented by many of His American followers. Jesus is both the Good Shepherd and the Lion of Judah.

I admit, I become incensed at how routinely children are omitted from this equation. Where are the Christian men willing to defend children from the influence of sodomy, from the aggressive agenda to draw youth into sin? The men of Jamaica are willing to do this. It sounds like the men of Bermuda will also.

Our hearts should be breaking as we see vulnerable kids led into the rainbow abyss, into worshipping a fake Jesus who smiles on sexual depravity. They are being duped into believing it’s empowering to mutilate their young bodies to satisfy the demons of gender confusion.

No, there is mostly silence in the church– or hostility directed at those of us trying to speak out. Even those who understand what’s happening are unwilling to confront the paper tiger of homosexual “rights.”

But the people of Jamaica are not unwilling– at least not yet. Their attorney general  created a furor by expressing dismay at the half-mast rainbow flag.

Those who died in Orlando would be best remembered as Americans, because engaging in sodomy is probably not how they would now want to be memorialized. They are facing Jesus and even if they did not get it before, they now fully understand His truth.

But we see where the priorities of the wicked Obama White House lie. Dishonor marriage, prevent religious freedom and seduce the young.

And Hillary will bring more of the same. Is this what we want?

Is this what Old Glory now stands for? I say, no way.

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