FL School Board Rules to Not Open Up Girls Restroom to Men

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The Marion County School Board in Ocala Florida has now indicated by a 4-1 decision that it will not open up girls and boys restrooms to people of the opposite sex. It’s a common sense vote that should be happening across the country.

Mat Staver: Holly, as a woman, obviously you can understand why you don’t want ment going into women’s — not only restrooms, but shower facilities, locker rooms — and particularly not going into places where little girls might be.

Holly Meade: Absolutely. I couldn’t imagine the horror and hope I never see the day when I have to encounter that in a public bathroom, when a man coming in… And we just see, the stories are just starting to roll in now of the different sexual crimes that are happening. But to imagine a young girl, an innocent little girl, having to encounter this. You talk about statistics,  one in six women will be a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. One in nine girls under 18 have reported being the victim of a sexual assault…

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