Fisking the Cosmopolitan Ruling Class

Media went nuts over the words “cosmopolitan” and “fisk” last week. That hysteria was perfectly in line with the rest of the general dementedness now gushing forth from them and their comrades on a daily basis. And this dementedness continues revealing just how dangerous the Ruling Class is.

After a television personality started delivering a nonsensical sermon on immigration law to Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor for Policy Stephen Miller, Miller responded in part by mentioning that personality’s “cosmopolitan attitude.” And being unable to let a moment go by without creating some sort of phony “controversy,” media seized on that response and began churning out the notion that the word “cosmopolitan” is some sort of racist dog whistle.

A short time later the media generated another controversy by shrieking when radio hostess Dana Loesch used the word “fisk” in a video.

Such is the state of the media. And such is the state of the Ruling Class since they are one and the same.

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The Ruling Class foolishness is bad enough on its own. But it’s even worse when considering there isn’t a day when its members aren’t trying to convince us that their blatant idiocy and outright evil are the height of intelligence and sophisticated goodness. Nothing demonstrates this better than how they constantly bombard us with the “pregnant man” lie. We know a man can’t get pregnant and give birth. But the members of the Ruling Class are so devious they want to convince us that there is such a thing. And if we reject their lie, why we aren’t just wrong; there is something wrong with us. We are evil and they must destroy us.

Elitism isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the elite are actually smart and good people. But the Ruling Class is composed of people who don’t fall in either of those categories. Instead, they’re cult-like, cosmopolitan fanatics, and the more that people fisk them, the madder and more dangerous they’ll become.

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