Feminists Protest Against Equality

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Despite my extensive critical writing about feminism, I have never considered myself a “Men’s Rights Activist” (MRA), simply because I have different concerns than do MRAs and see the problem of feminism differently. MRAs seem to spend a lot of time complaining that men get screwed over in divorce settlements and child custody; I’m a Christian and therefore against divorce, period, so those issues don’t interest me. Also, I am generally against the idea of group rights, so that it would be anomalous of me to support “men’s rights.” Having made those disclaimers, however, I know that much of my writing about feminism has been read by MRAs, so that I’m at least tacitly an ally, and MRAs often call my attention to news items relevant to these issues.

So, the MRA site A Voice for Men (AVFM) held a conference this weekend in Detroit, which feminists attempted to shut down.

Let me repeat this: Feminists attempted to shut down — to silence, to prevent from exercising their First Amendment rights — a conference organized by Men’s Rights Activists.

And you thought “feminazi” was just a jocular insult.

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Seriously: Feminists — including self-proclaimed “Unapologetic Fat Lady” Amanda Levitt and notorious mangina David Futrelle — repeatedly urged people to contact the Doubletree Hotel and complain about the conference, accusing AVFM of every hateful thing you could imagine, in an effort to get the conference canceled.




So while feminists insist they should be free to speak and to publish anything they wish — and, quite often, are subsidized by taxpayers in doing so — they do not believe that their critics should be equally free, and feminists will even attempt to stifle the right of their opponents to gather privately and speak to each other.

We now have further proof that:

(a) feminists don’t really believe in “equality,” they just hate men;
(b) feminism is a totalitarian movement hostile to basic liberties.

We already knew this, of course, but it was nice of feminists to provide further proof of their hateful anti-freedom agenda.

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Robert Stacy McCain
Robert Stacy McCain is an award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of experience in the news business. He is a correspondent for The American Spectator, editor-in-chief at Viral Read and blogs at TheOtherMcCain.com.

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