Feinstein Irate Trump Didn’t Consult Her Before Making Nominations for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

I’ve read the US Constitution at least a dozen times and I have yet to find anywhere in our nation’s foundational document that says a president must consult senators before putting forth the nominees for federal courts.

From what I’ve read, the president has sole authority to make nominations for federal courts but those nominations have to confirmed or denied by the Senate.

Evidently, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), has never read the Constitution or, like most Democrats, cares nothing about what the Constitution says.

The alt-liberal senior Senator from the land of nuts, fruits and flakes, is seething mad that President Trump had the gall to nominate two people to fill vacancies on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, without first consulting with her or her junior partner Kamala Harris.

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Fox News – Feinstein fumes as Trump administration pushes forward with 9th Circuit nominees without consulting her – The Senate is poised this week to consider two more conservative nominees selected by President Trump to sit on the left-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — and the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee isn’t happy about it.

That’s because the nominees, Ken Lee and Dan Collins, were picked without any input from either Dianne Feinstein or Kamala Harris, California’s two Democrat senators. Traditionally, the White House seeks to obtain a so-called “blue slip,” or approval, from a judicial nominee’s two home-state senators before pressing on with their nominations.

But the Trump administration, which has successfully nominated several conservative judges to the 9th Circuit already, has pointedly disregarded that process as it continues its push to transform the appellate court that the president repeatedly has derided as hopelessly biased and “disgraceful.”

The truth is, neither Feinstein nor Harris would likely approve of any nominee Trump selected to fill the vacancies on what has been the most liberal federal court in all of America.

If Trump fills all of the vacancies on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, it would change the entire face of the court and its historic liberal agenda driven rulings.

Watering down the 9th Circuit Court with conservative judges that rule on the Constitution and law instead of agenda could make a HUGE difference for case in the western United States for many years to come.

This is what Feinstein and Harris are upset about.



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