Federal Judge Rejects ACLU Motion Against Kim Davis

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A federal judge has now rejected the ACLU’s motion to reopen the issue of whether or not a class certification should be brought against Kim Davis, the Rowan County Kentucky Clerk.

Mat Staver: Matt, the ACLU had a few plaintiffs, some of which never did go in to get the so-called “marriage license,” it was all just a sham for some of those individuals. But now what they want, is they want to have a class certification. In other words, they want to have the people who are the so-called plaintiffs be an undetermined universe of people that would forever in the future come to Rowan County to ask for a marriage license. So it goes way beyond the couple of individual plaintiffs that they represent.

And the reason that they want to do this is they know that their case is moot and it should not continue on. And so they want to have an open ended injunction against Kim Davis and anyone else in that position forever. They want to literally keep the case open to have basically the court-exercised supervision over this. Kind of like in the desegregation cases, for decades. However long it’s going to take.

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Literally that’s what they’re asking for. We have opposed it. And recently the judge denied that particular certification.

Matt Barber: Well that’s right. This is the ACLU once again abusing the court system for their own political ends and political goals, and really as a mechanism to spread anti-Christian propaganda. It’s not enough for the ACLU that their clients received a so-called “same-sex” marriage licenses. They, as we have mentioned before, insist that Kim Davis be forced under penalty of law to violate her conscience and sign her name and give her own approval of those marriage licenses. Something that the First Amendment protects her from being forced to do.

So the ACLU, as they’re wont to do, threw a hail Mary pass here, and fortunately, Judge Bunning gets one right here in this instance and this attempted propaganda.

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