Farrakhan Says War with Iran will be End of America

In 1955, Louis Eugene Walcott converted to a radical form Islam and joined the organization known as the Nation of Islam, which is different than the Islam found in the Middle East.

He changed his name to Louis X and later to Louis Farrakhan.

In the 1970s, Farrakhan splintered off and started his own Nation of Islam, assuming the leadership of the radical organization, a position the 85-year-old still holds today.

He has often spoke about against the United States government and America’s Republican leadership, while he supported the leadership of Barack Obama.

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He recently issued a warning to President Trump, saying that if the United States entered a war with Iran that it would be the end of America as we know it.

Fox News – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who recently compared Jewish people to termites and led a “Death to America” chant in Iran, continued his lifelong knack for repugnant remarks by warning President Trump on Thursday not to pull “the trigger of war in the Middle East at the insistence of Israel.”

Farrakhan, 85, was in the Islamic Republic when he criticized the Trump administration for snapping back economic sanctions on Iran after the U.S. pulled out of a landmark nuclear deal signed during the Obama administration. He told journalists in Tehran he’s “begging” Trump to be “very, very careful.”

“The war will trigger another kind of war which will bring China, Russia, all of the nations into a war,” Farrakhan said. “The war will end America as you know it.”

But Farrakhan’s encore was even more stunning, combining a disparagement of America with an exhortation to kill Jewish people in Israel.

Farrakhan is a known racist, sexist and anti-Semite, recently describing Jews as termites.

At his recent event, he told the audience that America has never been a democracy.

Then he led the audience in a Death to  Israel chant.

Note that Democrats who were quick to condemn President Trump when he visited Pittsburgh after the synagogue shooting rarely if ever speak out against Farrakhan’s openly anti-Semitic rants.



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