Far Left Reporter Exposed as Paid Foreign Agent Working for Clinton/Obama Staffer

Another web of illicit activity has been uncovered and it involves a counselor to a president as well as a White House Chief of Staff and the former soviet state of Georgia

Meet far left reporter Molly McKew.

She is well known for her anti-conservative hit pieces.

She has written for the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

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It’s now been revealed that McKew is a paid registered foreign agent for Georgia, allowed to work here in the US.

It’s also been revealed that McKew worked for the Podesta Group, an organization founded by brothers John and Tony Podesta.

John Podesta served as White House Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and as Counselor to the President for Barack Obama.

(Milne News) – An investigation from the Gateway Pundit has uncovered some very interesting facts surrounding ‘reporter’ Molly Mckew.

Molly McKew has penned prices for Politico, Wired, she has also been featured on mainstream media networks such as CNN and MSNBC.

McKew is mostly known for her far-left Russia-Gate conspiracy theories. She has written numerous hit pieces against against The Gateway Pundit, Cassandra Fairbanks, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich and many other conservatives.

Now it’s been uncovered that Molly McKew is in-fact a registered agent of the Georgian government operating inside the United States and worked for the Podesta Group.

The Gateway Pundit found that “according to Foreign Agents Registration Act filingsMolly McKew has acted inside the United States on behalf of the anti-Russian Georgian government under the guise of a consulting company known as Fianna Strategies, LLC.” …

Over the past year, due to the lefts demands to investigate corruption and collusion against Donald Trump, his campaign and associates, a number of other investigations have revealed a very involved and tangled web of corruption and collusion on the part of Democrats.

One of those tangled webs involves the infamous Steele dossier that was allegedly paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and prepared by an organization with Russian ties.

There is also the tangled web of the Uranium One Deal involving Russia, the Obama administration, Clinton Foundation and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Director of the FBI at the time a whistleblower exposed the Uranium One Deal and then the FBI’s investigation suddenly ended and was kept quiet was none other than Robert Mueller the Special Counsel who is investigation Trump for collusion with Russia.



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