Why My Family Won’t Be Shopping at Target Stores Anymore

In addition to allowing men in female restrooms, Target backs radical LGBT “Equality Act”; boasts 100% perfect score on HRC’s rigged “Corporate Equality Index”

TAKE ACTION: Contact Target at 800-440-0680 or using their Online Contact Form; and sign the AFA “Boycott Target” petition if you plan to join the boycott. If you do, make a point of going into your local Target store or calling the manager to explain why you and your family will no longer shop there. 

TARGET: 100% Pro-Homosexual-Transgender Agenda: Target boasts online of its “perfect” ranking on HRC’s rigged “Corporate Equality Index.” The biased LGBT “Index” punishes corporations for giving to pro-family causes–and rewards them for funding “gay” and “transgender” groups and events. This graphic is taken directly from the Target website.


Why My Family Won’t Be Shopping at Target Stores Anymore

May 2, 2016

By Peter LaBarbera

WARNING: offensive descriptions of horrifying transsexual “sex reassignment surgeries”

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Dear Target,

My family and I are joining the Target boycott and will no longer shop at your stores. It is preposterous that all Target stores now allow men to use female restrooms—a sex predator’s dream. Girls have the basic right not to have their private spaces invaded by men, for ANY reason.

My family has done a LOT of shopping at Target over the years, but no more. One of my five children even worked at Target–but now I will not allow my two teenage kids to apply for a job there given Target’s leftist, politically correct corporate policies. Target has chosen to be contemptuous of common sense and Americans who are motivated by faith, decency and traditional morality. So we in turn choose to no longer support Target with our consumer dollars.

Another reason for our decision is that Target supports the radical LGBT “Equality Act”–HR 3185–which I have relabeled the Criminalizing Christianity Act. This federal legislation would destroy religious liberty and freedom of conscience by elevating homosexual and transgender activism above religious liberty in U.S. law. Until Target stops supporting this anti-faith bill—which would specifically override the Religious Freedom Restoration Act–I will encourage others to boycott your stores.

Target would be smart to reassess its escalating capitulation to the LGBTQ Lobby–including its boasting of a “100 percent” score on the woefully-biased “Corporate Equality Index” (CEI) created by the Human Rights Campaign (the world’s largest “gay”/transgender lobby organization). HRC’s rigged “CEI Index” directly punishes any corporation that gives to pro-family causes by taking points away for doing so. Meanwhile, it awards points to companies like Target that make large donations to LGBT groups and “gay pride” events—and for engaging in pro-homosexual advertising. As a guide for consumers, the “Corporate Equality Index” is a sham; scoring a “100 percent” on it is nothing to brag about. In fact, it signals that Target is a company hostile to faith, Judeo-Christian morality, and freedom of conscience.

Mocking Genuine Civil Rights and the Past Suffering of African Americans: Homosexual activist and Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin compares being against allowing gender-confused men into female restrooms to racist Jim Crow laws that banned Blacks from “Whites Only” bathrooms. Why does Target brag about its awards [see graphic at top] from HRC, which insults African Americans with such spurious comparisons–and smears Christians as “haters” and “bigots” merely because they oppose homosexual “marriage.”
Most Americans are unaware that Human Rights Campaign has a history of anti-Christian and anti-conservative bigotry—equating sincere Christians and Americans who know right from wrong and oppose homosexual “marriage” with “haters” and “bigots.” HRC President Chad Griffin even compares being against letting cross-dressing men into public female restrooms to racist Jim Crow laws that once denied Blacks the use of segregated, “Whites Only” restrooms. This insulting and ridiculous analogy belittles the past suffering of African Americans and mocks genuine civil rights. Why does Target champion Human Rights Campaign given HRC’s extremist record and ugly rhetoric?

We urge Target to change its one-sided advocacy and stop supporting radical legislation like the Criminalizing Christianity Act (“Equality Act”). Instead, Target should at the very minimum adopt a neutral corporate posture on controversial moral issues like homosexual “marriage” (which people of faith–or no faith–have a right NOT to celebrate or participate in as small business owners).

One of the criteria for a corporation like Target getting a perfect 100% score on HRC’s skewed “Equality Index” is that it pays for body-disfiguring, transsexual “sex reassignment surgeries” (SRS) as part of its employee “health insurance” plan. Two of these horrific SRS operations are:

  • a gender-confused man having his penis cut apart and turned into a makeshift “vagina”; and
  • a gender-confused woman having her healthy breasts cut off so she can appear like a flat-chested man.
Former transsexual Walt Heyer, author and founder of SexChangeRegret.com, urges men NOT to go through with radical "Sex Reassignment Surgery" as he did.
Former “male-to-female: transsexual Walt Heyer, author and founder of SexChangeRegret.com, urges men NOT to go through with radical “Sex Reassignment Surgery” as he did.

These procedures are so grotesque that it is offensive even to describe them in public. And yet we as consumers are expected to help pay for them in the name of “equality”! Our hearts go out to the men and women who think that destroying their natural body is the road to happiness. Former male-to-female transsexual Walt Heyer—founder of www.SexChangeRegret.com—urges against going through with SRS operations like he once did. I believe that most Americans, like me, do NOT want their consumer dollars to subsidize these radical “transgender” operations when they go shopping.

Until Target abandons radical sex- and gender agendas like funding transsexual “surgeries” in the guise of “health care”–and allowing grown men to enter restrooms occupied by young girls and women–we will avoid spending our hard-earned dollars at Target. And we will encourage others to do the same.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Peter LaBarbera

Americans For Truth
P.O. Box 5522
Naperville, Illinois 60567-5522

Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). You can reach him through AFTAH at 312-324-3787, or by e-mail at americansfortruth@gmail.com.

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Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera is the founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH.org), a Chicago-based organization that counters the LGBTQ agenda. LaBarbera is a former reporter for The Washington Times and worked as writer and analyst for Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America. He has written for Human Events, WND.com and other conservative outlets and has been widely interviewed on the homosexual agenda, including by Fox News, Washington Post, C-SPAN, the “Sean Hannity Show” and “Larry King Live.” LaBarbera is happily married to wife Cristina; they are the blessed parents of five children.

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