Rainbow Jihad Crying Wolf: Non-Stop Fake ‘Hate’ Crimes Perpetrated by Homosexual Activists

Why should anybody trust or believe the homosexual activists and their sympatico whenever they claim “oppression” or claim “victimization?”

When the liberal Left, and especially when homosexual activists claim victimhood or oppression, it is safer to assume they are lying or embellishing, and then let them prove us wrong. And even if their claims of victimhood are true, how does that make their claims about their worldview or ideology true? How does it make homosexual practice good, normal, natural or healthy?

Please take a look at the following ever increasing examples, keeping in mind that they only scratch the surface when it comes to their lies, and tell us why we should trust anything they claim or say? Many liberal and Leftist news sources had no other choice but to admit that these were lies and hoaxes…

(1.) Matthew Shepard: This was the biggest case of exploitation. A law was passed in Matthew Shepard’s name and DECEPTIVELY tied to another crime that was an actual hate crime (see James Byrd Jr.).

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The criminals didn’t seek Matthew Shepard out, because he was caught up in homosexual practice. They were after his money and drugs, first and foremost. It was a robbery gone awry; the 2 convicted murderers were either on meth or experiencing a meth withdrawal, and one of the murderers was/is bisexual himself, according to a former girlfriend.

The mainstream media reports also failed to mention that right after they left Shepard for dead that night, they also tried to rob and beat up another guy who has never engaged in homosexual practice, but failed, because that guy had a friend who ran up to help him, so they backed off…




Don’t overlook that the following article has more than 1 page (see bottom of the article)…




The notion that Shepard was murdered for his homosexual behavior originally came from two friends of his who had no firsthand knowledge of the case, but started the “homophobia” narrative when Shepard was still alive (he didn’t die until five days after the attack) by calling a homosexual-identified reporter, several homosexual activist organizations, and the police.

(2.) Azalea Cooley: “…a secret police videotape from that very morning showed a woman with close-cropped hair step past her wheelchair, stick a wooden cross in a flower pot on her back porch, and set it alight. It was Azalea. When detectives confronted her with the evidence, she slashed her wrists and was hospitalized. A week later, she penned a handwritten note, confessing that the incidents had been staged, and admitting that she didn’t have cancer or need a wheelchair.”




(3.) Teah Wimberly: “homosexual”-on-“heterosexual” hate crime (of passion) most of us didn’t know about. Collette was shot and killed by classmate Teah Wimberly for refusing her advances…



(4.) Kerri Dunn: The purported “hate crime” made front page news here in the Los Angeles area and in addition was reported by major national news media networks. All five colleges were closed on the following day, March 10, by the respective college administrations in order to stage rallies and meetings against hate and to show support for the purported victim, a woman caught up in female homosexual practice (a.k.a. lesbianism) and Claremont-McKenna professor of social psychology Kerri Dunn.


(5.) Mr. Drago, a junior last year majoring in psychology, has been charged with giving false reports to the police and with harassment, college officials said in a statement. He will face a campus disciplinary hearing that could lead to his expulsion, said Susan Long, a spokeswoman for the college, which is in Ewing.


(6.) Roelands.Org has learned that the Denver police department has closed the April Mora case, concluding that the teenager’s claims of having epithets carved into her skin were “unfounded.”

Gary Lauricella of the Denver Police department told Roleands.Org that a forensic pathologist and a physician had examined Mora’s injuries and concluded that they were caused either by Mora herself or another person, but not against her will.

Mora’s story drew national attention in March, but doubts about the incident emerged early amidst reports of discrepancies in the young woman’s descriptions of the attack.
Further suspicion was aroused when Mora refused to take a polygraph test. 


(7.) On April 7, 2000, the car of pro-abortion and homosexual activist pastor Dwight Walker was set on fire in the middle of the night during the lengthy debate around the Vermont bill to give persons who engage in homosexual practice the same rights as married couples. Persons caught up in homosexual practice and activism all over Vermont used this incident as “proof” that persons caught up in or engage in homosexual practice are persecuted, and claimed that the denial of marriage rights was just another form of persecution.

Finally, Walker admitted that he set the fire himself. “I set the fire because I wanted people to see me as a victim,” he told police. The Boston Globe reported that he faced charges of third-degree arson, false reports to law enforcement officers, and burning to defraud an insurer…


“Minister who has sex with men faked hate crime…
Newport, Vt.—A minister who admitted to setting his car on fire to make himself look like a victim of a hate crime has been given a five-year deferred sentence.
The Rev. Dwight Walker was sentenced after he pleaded no contest May 2 to charges of third-degree arson, felony unlawful mischief and a misdemeanor of making false police reports. Walker resigned as a minister after he was charged with the April 7, 2000 incident.
Walker, who is caught up in open homosexuality, admitted to police he set fire to his leased car parked next door to the Coventry Congregational Church in order to make it look like he was being harassed because of his ‘sexual orientation.’ The incident occurred at the height of the debate in the legislature over the civil unions law for same-sex couples. District Court Judge Howard Van Benthuysen ordered Walker to serve 500 hours of community service and donate $1,000 to the Newport City Fire Department.”



(8.) Police: Lesbians started fight that led to alleged bias crime during Atlanta Pride…

“When interviewed about the incident, Ms. Katalinich stated that she was assaulted by three people because she was a lesbian, but could not provide any substantive details about the incident,” the report states.

“She suffered abrasions to both legs about the knee area as a result of allegedly being pushed down. Additionally she complained of pain to the right side of her face. I could see the abrasions on her knee but could not see any apparent injury to her face,” the officer stated. Creef said they were attacked by two black men and an Asian woman.

“Ms. Creef stated that she and Ms. Katalanich were a same sex female couple. She stated to me that the incident started as a result of her directing several comments towards the Asian female, during which she referred to her as a ‘stripper’ and made negative comments about the way she was dressed,” according to the report.

“The Asian female uttered, ‘You look like a dike (sic).’ Both parties then engaged in a verbal confrontation yelling various negative epithets at each other. Ms. Creef alleged that Ms. Katalalinich approached the opposing party at which point one of the males pushed her down to the ground,” the report states.

The report further states Katalinich and Creef “appeared to be moderately intoxicated.”
Both said they had been drinking at a party at the hotel, according to the report.



(9.) Kyle Wood, an openly homosexual Republican campaign worker in Wisconsin, admitted on Monday that he faked a bias attack against himself.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/30/gay-republican-volunteer-invented-bias-attack/#ixzz4RW5aq3U7


(10.) Mallory Ownens who is caught up in lesbianism claim her partner’s brother beat her, because they were “gay” when it was because he found out she was getting his sister involved in drugs and prostitution. They never were able to upgrade the charge to include it as a hate crime…




(11.) Regan Wolf: A woman caught up in lesbianism claimed she was severely injured in repeated assaults, who became the very symbol of the movement for hate crimes legislation in South Carolina, is now charged with having staged one of those beatings herself.

Lancaster County Sheriff John Cauthen said July 14 that charges of giving false information to a police officer were being prepared against Regan Wolf, who lived almost her entire life in the rural county before relocating this year in fear of further attacks.



(12.) In 1995, “everyone” knew settlers murdered Rabin. The “settler” Yigal Amir was from the Haifa area. Four years ago, gays accused Haredi “gay”-haters for killing three persons caught up in homosexual practice. Now police say, “Not so.”


(13.) Joe Williams, Tennessee Health Food Store Owner, Beaten In Alleged Anti-“Gay” ‘Hate’ Crime, it now appears that this alleged hate crime never happened:



(14.) “A transgender student in California who claimed to have been beaten and sexually assaulted in a school bathroom recanted after a police investigation failed to back up his story. The reversal left open the possibility the teen could be charged with making a false criminal report, said Connie Van Putten, a police department spokeswoman.”


http://clashdaily.com/2014/03/bs-transgender-teen-recants-allegations-brutal-attack-video/#2ddHUMZxguYdgi74.01 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2573171/Transgender-student-recants-sexual-assault-report.html

(15.) Homosexual activist groups, starting with one in Michigan called TC Equality, are using, lying, and exploiting this tragedy (and this picture) to portray it as a anti-homosexuality hate crime. They simply took a picture of a guy who was burned to death from Kenya and claimed it was a homosexual in Uganda that was burned alive for having same sex attraction or engaging in homosexual practice. This was a flat out lie.


Here is the lie…



Here is the truth…

See the comments below this article rightfully calling it out as a lie…


(16.) Another lie concerning Uganda. Homosexual activist in Uganda named David Kato was murdered by his homosexual prostitute partner. The homosexual activists simply put forth the lie that he was murdered for being homosexual….



(17.) A drama student who became an Internet sensation after claiming he was savagely beaten up for being “gay” has admitted he caused his injuries himself when he tripped on the pavement.


(18.) A woman who claimed to be the victim of an anti-“gay” “hate crime” in 2004 has admitted she faked the incident, because she had not done her homework. Mary (no last name was given in the interview), who in 2004 caused a tumult in her California town when bigoted remarks appeared on her locker, told Buzzfeed’s Sandra Allen that she faked it all, because “I hadn’t done” homework assigned at least a week earlier. “None of it. Hadn’t read anything, hadn’t done the notes. I don’t remember what the assignment was, but it was something that we had a week or two to do and I hadn’t done any of it.”

“So I broke into the locker room and I graffitied my locker,” she said.



(19.) “No evidence an assault occurred,” Detroit police say

Homosexual activists pressed to come clean, apologize for claims about discredited “hate crime.”

Police urged to investigate complicity in filing of false report

DETROIT — A statewide family values organization accused by homosexual activists of inciting an elderly Detroit man’s alleged murder Thursday called on Detroit police to investigate who may have been complicit in the filing of a false police report after police and medical officials announced that 72-year old Anthony Anthos had not been attacked and instead died of an accidental fall caused by a degenerative disease.

The Associated Press reported today (Thursday): “‘There’s no evidence that an assault occurred,’police spokesman James Tate said Wednesday. …’They determined that he died of natural causes,’ Tate told The Detroit News.”

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, issued the following statement:

“Homosexual activists were obviously well into great plans to exploit and profit both financially and politically from the now apparently false claims about the tragedy of this poor man’s death. It’s time for Jeff Montgomery and the Triangle Foundation to come clean and tell us whatever they know about whether someone convinced an elderly man suffering from mental illness, a week after he accidentally fell and hit his head, to falsely accuse an African-American man of attacking him for ‘being “gay.’”



(20.) Adam Hoover, Ohio Homosexual  Activist, Charged With Faking Abduction: Police…




(21.) A same sex couple claims they were beaten in a restaurant for having same sex attraction and/or engaging in homosexual practice, but there have been many conflicted reports about the attacker’s motive and his sexuality…



(22.) A female same sex couple (a.k.a lesbianism) faked a hate crime that left their home a pile of charred rubble at their Venore, Tenn., property in 2010, local reports said. An insurance company caught on to the ruse months after the blaze and accused Carol Ann and Laura Stutte of perpetuating a hoax and blaming the fire on their neighbor, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.


A federal jury ruled in favor of the insurance company’s belief that the couple spray painted an anti-gay slur on their own garage to spin the fire as a hate crime based on their so-called “sexual orientation.”



(23.) OAK PARK, Ill. (WLS) — A bar owner admitted he set his homosexual nightclub on fire in Oak Park. Frank Elliott pleaded guilty to arson and insurance fraud for the fire at The Velvet Rope Ultra Lounge in 2012. Prosecutors said Elliott doused the bar in alcohol, wrote “gay” slurs on the wall, then lit it on fire. He was sentenced to two years’ probation and has to pay back $107,000 to two insurance companies.



(24.) A women caught up in homosexual practice named Mari Poindexter, who claimed she was punched in the face by a stranger who also spewed slurs about her appearance and sexuality.

In a writeup by that was as much tribute as news story, northern Michigan Fox News affiliate WWTV reported that Poindexter (“an accomplished young woman, already having a master’s degree and hired on to teach business at Central Michigan University”) was enjoying an evening out with companions when she was cold-cocked:




(25.) After appearing in the national media to charge that a Whole Foods store in Texas wrote a gay slur on his cake decoration, an Austin man is now admitting the story was a hoax, canceling his lawsuit, and is apologizing for his claims.



(26.) Calum McSwiggan, 26, a YouTuber, posted a photo of himself on social media claiming that he was attacked outside a gay bar in West Hollywood Monday, but the police are telling a different story.

In a statement to The Advocate, Holly M. Perez, captain of the West Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, said that authorities responded to McSwiggan’s report that he was assaulted by three men outside of a gay club. Officers “were unable to substantiate the assault,” Perez said. The YouTuber “had no visible injuries” and was arrested when officers went to the scene “after deputies observed him vandalizing a car.” The 26-year-old was booked and photographed (photo above) and placed in a cell by himself at the West Hollywood Station. It was there that station personnel say McSwiggan “was then observed injuring himself with the handle and receiver to a payphone inside the cell.”


(27.) An openly bisexual Chicago student who claimed she received anti-gay, pro-Donald Trump notes and emails after the election is found to have fabricated the entire story, North Park University said.

Taylor Volk told a local NBC News affiliate that she found one of the notes taped to her door at her off-campus residence, which read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” along with “homophobic” slurs.

“Sadly, we discovered that the incident and related messages were fabricated; the individual responsible for the incident is not continuing as a student at North Park,” the Christian university’s President David Parkyn said in a statement. “We are confident there is no further threat of repeated intolerance to any member of our campus community stemming from this recent incident.



(28.) “The Boise city prosecutor has filed a summons for a Boise State University student accused of making up an account of an anti-“gay” assault on the BSU campus. Authorities announced that Alex “A.J.” McGillis, 20, of Boise must appear in court on charges of resisting and obstructing officers. The charge specifically relates to a false report McGillis made to police Nov. 9 in connection with what was initially reported to police as a battery on the greenbelt somewhere between Taylor Hall and Friendship Bridge.

According to police reports, McGillis initially claimed a white male struck him from behind with an object while using anti-gay expletives and proceeded to hit him in the face several times, causing him to lose consciousness. McGillis later admitted to authorities he used a stick and his own fists to self-inflict his injuries. The falsified attack quickly prompted student and administrative organizations around Boise State to sponsor the “No Oppression Tolerated, Not On Our Campus,” rally and a candlelight vigil on the Quad. Police stated the information was false more than a month ago, shortly after the alleged incident.”


(29.) Kate Hunt: This one was a doozy. A young woman Kate Hunt at age 18 commits statutory rape on a minor female of age 14 in the bedroom of the 18 year old Kate Hunt. Kate Hunt’s mother starts playing the “it’s because she is homosexual” victim card in order to obfuscate from the actual action of statutory rape. The mother was able to turn her daughter’s criminal activity into a so-called “homosexual rights” cause. They received immediate support from many on the Left which included donations. Some homosexual activists realized their error and back peddled, but many still didn’t….


(30.) Chris Ball:  A Santa Monica man says he was the victim of a violent anti “gay” attack shortly after Trump was elected on Tuesday night. Chris Ball was hanging out at a bar in Santa Monica watching the election results when he started being heckled. As the evening wore on, tensions flared up between Clinton and Trump supporters. “People started launching homophobic slurs at me from afar,” he tells Calgary Metro. “I mean, I kind of got into it, but I didn’t want to provoke them.” Ball says people were yelling homophobic slurs and saying things like “We got a new president you f-ing faggots.” As he was leaving the bar that evening, a group of men approached him in the alley and smashed a bottle over his head. Ball fell backwards, hitting his head against the pavement and blacking out. “When I came to, I remember waking up and wiping the blood from my eyes. I called some friends, they picked me up and I went right to the hospital,” he recalls.

Turns out this was also a complete fabrication. He obviously was injured, but never followed through with a police report and the authorities confirmed that he did not check into any hospital in the area.

Even liberal Snopes says it’s unfounded…


Here is a posting by the authorities…





(31.) Julie Baker: “Online “myth-busters” became skeptical of Julie Baker’s GoFundMe campaign after she raised more than $43,000, significantly more than the $5,000 she initially requested to make her house appear even more LGBTQ-friendly. Baker had reported that she received an anonymous note from one of her neighbors telling her to “tone it down” with the rainbow decorations lest someone contact the police. The website Snopes, however, uncovered a number of discrepancies that would indicate the note may not have been authentic, and that maybe Baker was running a scam:”




(32.) ABC 20/20 is using an incident of a counselor camp that has been shut down for abuse by the counselors and poor conditions to portray it as a “sexual orientation” change camp when it’s not…

Here is the propaganda. Notice that this propaganda hasn’t been done in a while, but is done in relation to Mike Pence being our VP now, as Pence is on record of showing support for therapy. They are trying to preemptively strike any action he may take by propagandizing public opinion. Here are the promotion (propaganda) pieces ABC 20/20 has put out so far…



This is a lie. This is yellow journalism. This is FAKE NEWS
ABC 20/20 is using actors and the incident of a corrupt counseling camp to push an agenda.

“The five former students who testified at trial, now young adults, were all from out of state. Some have substance abuse problems, some have mental health disorders. None of the police reports mention the issue of homosexual change therapy of any kind.”



This report says nothing about homosexual practice, but states that the children were there for aggression issues…


Here’s a 3 part local news report that doesn’t mention homosexuality or “sexual orientation” change therapy…




No mention of that from this source either…


Even this Newsweek report makes no mention of the homosexuality and change therapy issue…


Dr. Robert Gagnon addresses it on his facebook here…


See the comments in my facebook post. I have screen shots of testimonies from people claiming they have sent their children to that camp and that they do not engage in “sexual orientation” change therapy. Feel free to use them


(33.) “Transgender” activist Brielle Goldani (a man who believes he is a woman) steals a movie storyline to propagate the lies of ex-“gay” camp therapy abuse. The location and the name of the fictional camp from the movies was blatantly cited and used as a testimonial in an actual New Jersey court. Brielle Goldani actually got away with this blatant lie of a testimony in court!


(Side note: by the way, homosexual advocates constantly claim these therapies use electroshock, which is something that no professional uses since the early 1900s, and they have never ever provided any evidence of who, what, or where electroshock therapy has been used.

(34.) “Utah man who claimed in April that he was robbed twice by bigots who force-fed him bleach and carved “Die Fag” into his arms now says he made everything up. Rick Jones, who co-owns his family’s Delta, Utah, pizzeria told authorities he was bluffing when he said robbers attacked him before tossing a Molotov cocktail into his bedroom. The Millard County Sheriff’s Department said it may now press charges against the 21-year-old man for the fake report after inconsistencies were discovered. Jones’s lawyer, Brett Tollman, said his client has been seeking medical treatment and acknowledged that the attack tale spiraled out of control once it received national attention.”



(35.) “An Indiana community was shocked after a local church was vandalized with Nazi slogans and Donald Trump graffiti, but now police say it is a hate crime hoax and the church was not attacked by an outsider. They have charged the congregation’s own organist, a Hillary supporter and gay activist, for the crime.”…



(36.) Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a Leftwing outfit that creates a fake “hate” map list on its website comparing pro-family activists and advocates to Nazis and the KKK. They incited a homosexual activist to attempt mass murder of persons who work in the Family Research Council building. The homosexual activist (Floyd Corkins) admits that the SPLC’s online “hate” map is what triggered his motivation to attempt mass murder…

The SPLC has done nothing but incite actual acts of domestic terrorism against people who simply hold to traditional views of family and marriage. I am aware that some of you have already mentioned this, but I encourage every person and group who holds such views publicly, starting with those that SPLC placed on their “list,” to file a class action lawsuit for defamation…

The Southern Poverty Law center scams donations from liberals now by linking Conservative views on sexuality and marriage with racists…



SPLC never includes genuine left-wing hate groups on their “hate” map list…


(37.) “Complaint to FTC Charges Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights of Engaging in Mass Fraud in Efforts to Ban Therapy

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, a major blow was delivered to three of the largest homosexual practice activist organizations in the United States, as the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, representing tens of thousands of licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and physicians and over 1,000 clients and patients, filed a consumer fraud complaint on behalf of eight organizations with the Federal Trade Commission, charging the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights of committing mass deception and fraud in their efforts to ban counseling by licensed professionals for clients distressed with unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity conflicts.

The report, titled: In Their Own Words—Lies, Deception, and Fraud: The Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Hate Campaign to Ban Psychotherapy for Individuals with Sexual and Gender Identity Conflicts, which can be accessed by clicking here, was filed by the National Task Force on behalf of the American College of Pediatricians, Christian Medical and Dental Associations, Alliance for Adolescent Health, Family Watch International, Voice of the Voiceless, Center for Family and Human Rights, Jewish Institute for Global Awareness, and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity. These organizations represent over 20,000 licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians and over 1,000 clients/patients experiencing sexual and gender identity conflicts.

Christopher Doyle, a licensed professional counselor, leader in the #TherapyEquality movement, and co-coordinator of the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, said the following of the complaint:

“The complaint our Task Force filed today with the FTC reveals just how deceptive these three organizations (SPLC, HRC, and NCLR) have been acting over the last five years in their ‘hate campaign’ against clients with sexual and gender identity conflicts. Not only have they published misleading and scientifically inaccurate statements on their websites, they have raised untold sums of money in the process from unsuspecting consumers and the general public,” said Doyle. “They have also supported witnesses, in some cases financially, that are guilty of lying and deceiving lawmakers with false stories of ‘therapy torture’ by electric shock and other aversive means. In the process, these organizations have complicity and implicitly committed mass fraud with these inaccurate claims and by refusing to correct distortions about the scientific research regarding therapy. They claim therapy for clients with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion is harmful and ineffective, but even the research conducted by their own liberal-friendly trade organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, contradict the statements they make on their websites, marketing campaigns, and testimony in front of law-making bodies.”

The complaint to the Federal Trade Commission accuses the three organizations of:

• Engaging in deceptive and fraudulent marketing practices of the kind the FTC considers malicious, including those that “cause or are likely to cause substantial injury to consumers which is not reasonably avoidable by consumers themselves and not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition.”

• Supporting witnesses on the state, federal, and international level who have delivered unverifiable and fraudulent testimony in front of law-making bodies in the effort to persuade legislative action to ban licensed psychotherapy.

• Actively raising untold sums of money in the effort to ban psychotherapy by using deceptive and fraudulent practices.

• Actively and knowingly distorting the scientific research to promote efforts to ban licensed psychotherapy for clients with sexual and gender identity conflicts.

• Actively distorting the scientific research by promoting the “Born Gay” hoax (and raising untold sums of money), a notion that has been disproved and refuted by organizations such as the American Psychological Association.

• Engaging in smear and defamatory attacks against licensed psychotherapists and faith-based ministries providing help and assistance to those who experience sexual and gender identity conflicts.

• Using “opinion-based smears and innuendos” while engaging in political activities, as though they were being educational, while hiding behind their non-profit status to shield themselves from liability lawsuits.

The Task Force report, In Their Own Words — Lies, Deception, and Fraud, provides extensive documentation and evidence not only disproving the fraudulent testimony of homosexual practice activists trying to ban therapy, but also presents decades of scientific research that demonstrates sexual attraction and gender identity are not fixed or innate, but are fluid and commonly change, with and without therapeutic intervention.

“It’s shocking that these homosexual practice activists have actually been able to deceive six states and several cities with their pseudoscientific claims of ‘harm’ to ban psychotherapy. It just goes to show you, if you repeat a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it,” said Doyle. “From five years of fighting this war being waged by gay activists, we have documented conclusive and definitive proof that the SPLC, HRC, and NCLR are committing mass fraud, and the general public can now see it for themselves. It’s all documented in this report. We even have video footage of homosexual practice activists caught in the acts of lies and cover-ups in their effort to deceive lawmakers. We hope this report will prompt outrage from the general public and convince the Federal Trade Commission to finally put a stop to these harmful actions and legislation, and restore therapy rights to minors that desperately seek help.”

The National Task Force for Therapy Equality is a coalition of licensed psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, public policy organizations, and clients/patients from across the United States of America. Their purpose is to secure therapy equality for clients and patients that experience distress over unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity conflicts.”

Here is the report…


(38.) Homosexual activists in Australia claim that somebody placed a poster that reads, “Stop the fags” at a bus stop in Melbourne and then further claimed there were more of these posters everywhere in that ares.


Channel 10 local Melbourne tv news station went ahead and photoshopped the poster when they couldn’t find it…


This bus stop is not in a Melbourne street either. The traffic at the lights is on the right hand side of the street and the writing on the street signs is only visible from the other side, that is traffic approaching on the left side of the street. It’s taken in a country where they drive on the right, probably in Europe.


And there are at least 12 more fake anti-homosexual “hate” crimes not mentioned above detailed in the next 3 links and their backup links…







I would be very surprised if this behavior doesn’t stop from them. They will continue to fake “hate” crimes to manipulate people’s emotions. I will continue to add to this list if I see more of them. It will probably be a matter of “when” not “if,” because it seems as though they cannot help themselves when it comes to lying and emotional manipulation. The homosexual activist crowd that loves to call itself “gay” is in the business of lying and manufacturing (fake) epidemics. There is definitely nothing “gay” (as in being happy) about that!


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On a side note, it is important to reinterate again for our liberal and Lefty friends that the content within this article lists the fake hate crimes perpetrated by homosexual activists and advocates by linking each case to the actual news reports that identify the perpetrator, the nature of the hoax, location, dates, etc as well as many liberal sources having to admit (probably to their dismay) that these were in fact actual hoaxes and lies.
Now with that in mind, look at the comments when I shared this article on a liberal facebook group page.


This is the game liberals and Leftists alike always play, folks. The truth can be sitting them in their laps and slapping them in the face, and they will still deny it with every inch of their being.

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