Facebook Page Promotes Video to Brainwash Kids to Believe Abortion was Acceptable Form of Birth Control

America’s young people are being brainwashed on so many different fronts.

They are bombarded with leftist and socialist ideologies at school.

They are bombarded with the same type of propaganda on television, in the movies, in the music they listen to and the video games they play.

It’s all over social media and they get it from the mainstream media on a daily basis.

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A Facebook page is now showing a lengthy video from a Comcast-funded company, that has only one purpose – to brainwash kids into believing that abortion was an acceptable form of birth control.

Conservative Tribune – Comcast-Funded Company Posts Disturbing Video of Kids Being Brainwashed by Abortion Activist – There’s a new video making the rounds online, and it has a shockingly tone-deaf and disturbing message for young kids.

On Friday morning, the Facebook page “Kids Meet” posted a lengthy video which promotes abortion as casual birth control — and it only gets more twisted from there.

“Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” the eight-minute video’s title declares. Sure enough, the professionally-produced video features a far-left activist named Amelia Bonowpushing her abortion views on adolescent kids, all while fun music plays in the background.

“Well, I had an abortion,” Bonow began, as if she was mentioning that she brushed her teeth that morning.

“Why did you have an abortion?” asked one of the young girls in the video…

One has to wonder if these kinds of liberals are taking this type of brainwashing action because of the growing strength of conservatives.

They fear that given the chance, conservatives will eventually ban all abortions, so they have to brainwash tomorrow’s voters.

Chances are, these types of videos and desperate actions will increase as liberals will do anything to maintain their right to butcher and murder hundreds of thousands more innocent unborn children.


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