Explaining the Coming DemocRAT Infestation

Vermin are about to overrun the U.S. House of Representatives. Here’s a possible explanation.

Scientists have discovered that in a region of northeastern India covering over 26,000 sq. kilometers, bamboo plants go through a 50-year cycle at the end of which the dying plants release roughly 160,000 tons of seeds.

The seeds are a bonanza for local rats causing a population explosion. After the feast is consumed, an army of rats spreads out over the region in search of sustenance, causing starvation and spreading disease to the rest of the country and beyond. (Rats carrying lice brought the bubonic plague to Europe in the 14th  century – a contagion which recurs periodically.)

Here is a possible explanation for the Democrat resurgence which will infest Capitol Hill shortly, bringing starvation (declining productivity, falling wages) and disease (disloyalty, multiculturalism, globalism and racial identity politics) in their wake.

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Can it be a coincidence that the word “rat” is part of their name?

EDITOR’S NOTE – The DemocRATS have already infested places like Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles among other major cities in the United States. I name these three cities because of the rampant violence that takes place in them.

Baltimore has been labeled as the homicide capital of the nation because of the number of murders per capita. The city has been led by a DemocRAT mayor since 1967.

Chicago and Los Angeles have been vying for the top 2 cities for gun violence. They are also cities with financial woes due to the policies of their DemocRAT leaders. Chicago has had a DemocRAT mayor since 1931 and Los Angeles has been led by DemocRAT mayors since 2001, with only 1 Republican since 1961.

Then take a look at California which is a DemocRAT infested state. California has many serious problems from a struggling budget, to providing for over 3 million illegal aliens, homelessness, outrageous home prices, high taxes and more. They are the only state to pass a cap and trade law, restricting the carbon use and output of every business. This resulted in a number of companies relocating to other states. California has also been busy passing a myriad of anti-Second Amendment gun control laws. They also passed a law making it illegal for a Christian leader or counselor to help a gender confused person. Full Measure’s Sharyl Attkisson recently aired a segment on the Tarnished State, instead of the Golden State.

Taking a good look at these locations and others run by DemocRATS gives us a good look at what a federal infestation of DemocRATS could mean for all of America. Given the chance of controlling all of Congress and the White House will make all of America look like Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and California.

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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website, DonFeder.com.

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