Exodus International Ex-President Releases New Book

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Alan Chambers was the last president of the 40-some year old organization, Exodus International, when he and the board, led by pastor Clark Whitten, shut down the organization and shuttered the organization. He just now has come out with a book, My Exodus: From Fear to Grace.

Mat Staver: Matt, I’ve known Alan Chambers for many years, because he lives in Central Florida and we spent a lot of time together working on different kinds of programs, and being at various kinds of meetings. I’ve invited him to come and speak at different events. And he is someone who was the president of Exodus International. He became the president, and to everyone’s surprise, even those of us that knew him, he ultimately led the organization into an unexpected turn of events and that was to literally shutter the doors of Exodus International.

He’s now come out with a book that is quite revealing with respect to his thinking and his theology.

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Matt Barber: Well, I’ve been praying for Alan Chambers. He’s not my enemy. He’s not our enemy. But he is the enemy, unfortunately, of truth right now. And he’s at enmity with God. The only thing that he has exited here is obedience to God, and he has done so in the name of grace. He has said that God is “cool” with same-sex marriage. 

He has now said that people can continue to practice homosexual behavior. That God will look the other way, no big deal, just keep doing it. That grace, God’s grace, is so powerful that it no longer, somehow, requires repentance and asking God for forgiveness of sin. You can just, according to Alan Chambers, continue to engage in whatever particular sin has a grip over your life…

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