An Exercise in Frustration: Why You Should Not Debate Liberals

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The 2016 election of President Donald Trump and the ongoing restoration of American freedom and justice has encouraged many reasonable people to enter into public and private debates with Democrats. While the desire to make disciples of Americanism through dialogue and discussion is a noble one, it’s usually ineffective. For this reason, debating liberals should be avoided by all but the most strident and well-equipped cultural warriors among us.

There are several reasons for this, but there is one primary reason debates with radical liberals are no longer useful. In order to have a fruitful civil discussion with any other person or group, there must be shared respect for, and adherence to, at least one fundamental set of principles. Generally speaking, liberals reject them all.

A reasonable person cannot appeal to logic with liberals, because they are illogical by training and by choice. Democrats make this clear whenever they attack President Trump for implementing policies promoted by previous presidents such as placing travel restrictions on visitors from nations where terrorism is rampant. They illustrated this further when they criticized the president for his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Neither can you appeal to reason, because liberals are not reasonable people. We see this with the non-stop charges that President Trump is racist, sexist and Islamaphobic, based solely on false two-year-old character attacks from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The on-going Mueller investigation, ostensibly initiated as a probe into Russian collusion, is additional evidence of Democrats’ irrationality. After two long and unproductive years of political theater, it persists with no end in sight.

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Morality, too, is unstable ground for liberals. A faction that condemns disturbing turtle eggs on the world’s beaches and fiercely protects all animals while simultaneously defending the abortion industry, has no claim to moral authority whatever. To many liberals, morality is archaic, arbitrary and worthless.

Religious faith is also fallow. When biblical Christianity does not comport with the liberal agenda, Democrats simply redefine or reinterpret what constitutes religious faith. Failed Vice-presidential candidate and Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine is a case in point. Kaine claims to be a Catholic, even as he promotes the LGBTQ agenda and defends the killing fields of Planned Parenthood.

Truth is shifting sand for the liberal, as well. Never stipulate to a liberal’s facts. They are distorted at best; totally fallacious, at worst. Liberals are not above lying to gain an advantage. Most liberal lies and distortions are well-worn and easily defeated, but only if the opponent identifies the flaw and exposes it.

Even the U.S. Constitution is off limits, because liberals refuse to respect it . They habitually misread the document to suit their ideology. The purpose of the Constitution is to safeguard the rights of the American people. But Democrats reject its value and its permanence. Efforts to place ineffective regulations on gun ownership, while rejecting voter identification efforts make this clear. Since 2016, liberals have called for and end to the electoral college, the repeal of the Second Amendment and imposed restrictions on free speech that is contrary to their policy goals.

When Democrats cannot defend their policies, they will attack your argument, you and everything that is sacred to you. They will obscure, obfuscate and attempt to change the subject when cornered. They will deny well-known facts and established truths. Mentally, liberals are savages. They arrive at every encounter with knives hidden in their boots and behind their backs. You will rarely see the glistening steely blades until you feel the cutting bite of their cowardly attacks.

A wise Christian would never knowingly witness to a hostile heretic, neither should he waste his time and endanger himself arguing with a deranged Democrat. Christ followers are warned not to “give what is holy to dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine.” Nevertheless, many of us have tried, making the generous but faulty assumption that all of our fellow citizens are honest and reasonable. No power on earth can breach a closed human mind.

Is there no solution? Certainly, there is. Pray for the unreasonable and illogical. Ask that God will open their minds and hearts to the truth. Most hostile people are injured in some way. Pray for their healing and restoration. By doing so, you please God and receive what no godless liberal can know—His perfect peace.

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Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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