Joe the Plumber Replies: Examples Of The ‘Tolerant’ Left **Graphic**

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By Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher

(Editors note: The following is “Joe the Plumber” Wurzellbacher’s response to hate mail he received after his recent guest column published at BarbWire caused a national firestorm. The column was about the Elliot Rodger UC Santa Barbara rampage and the Second Amendment.)

Regardless of what you may think, I care about the victims and their families.

That is why I fight for the 2nd Amendment. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Such was the case with Elliot Rodger.

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If you think for one second that guns are the problem then you are being misled and are now part of the problem. This was my objection to the father of one of the victim’s blaming gun owners for his son’s death.

There is absolute right and wrong, there is good and evil, unfortunately society tries to redefine right and wrong as it gets in their way.090309_joe_plumber_297

What happened this past weekend was a tragedy, and the powers that be will USE this tragedy to try and control us a little more.  What about the American soldier that died defending our rights? Is their death any less tragic? Let me say this again – they died defending our rights. Why would we allow the politicians to make a mockery of their sacrifice to a take away our rights?

Think about it…

For you on the left, your tolerance is overwhelming.

What follows are just a very tiny portion of comments at my website, Tweets directed at my account, received emails and entries posted on my Facebook page. Although these are *Not Safe For Work* – I cannot print half of the ones I receive due to their extreme nature, in sexual content, profanity and outright violence.

I’m used to the revulsion and racist, vile, almost inhuman hatred which liberals spew forth on a daily basis – but I thought you might be interested in just a taste of what we’re really dealing with here. People who stand up in public and say conservatives are bad people? I’d like you to know they are not dealing straight with you. Ever.


Steven Weeks

May 27th, 5:01pm

F**k you a**hole . I hope your daughter gets raped by a d**k so big it splits her in two the shot. As for your boy kill him slowly one shot at a time limb by limb F**k you and your chicken ass rights only pu**ies need guns so that means you are a pu**y. In fact I’ll pay to fly you to California so I can f**k you up. I bet you won’t even answer this if you do you will hide behind your guns. You see a**hole I’m no pu**y I don’t need a gun to f**k you up got it. Again I can only hope that one day I read about your kids being fu**ed up and beg to die but only slowly. Oh by the way motherfu**er I am a plumber too. You don’t know how to use a set of irons. I would enjoy destroying your credibility concerning the plumbing trade what’s a figure 5 fitting, what’s a durum system probably have to look it up so you do look as stupid as you really are go f**k yourself and f**k your family . If your mom is still alive maybe she will get shot Dad, Grandparents, sisters, brothers, anyone of your low life family. Hey, there your rights; right motherfu**er. you piece of sh*t . In retrospect may be you are a plumber because are a piece of sh*t. And I am also a vet what about you. Do you have your DD214 I sure do want to se it.

Steven Weeks

May 28th, 5:08pm

I hope you get heckled and heckled along with the kids, wifie yo mama, which by the way should have aborted your ass it old her to. She has some nasty pussy but an inbred like you probably already knows that

Jason Thomas

May 29th, 9:58am

May you drown in your own excrement.

Patti Mullin

May 28th, 7:59pm

Next time you are sucking out someone’s septic system why don’t you stick your head down the hose. Because you really are a piece of sh*t!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Simmons

May 28th, 5:29pm

You’re a repellent f**k. Just thought you should know! You should kill yourself!

Jerry Gregory

May 28th, 4:08pm

I hope someday you are on on the bad end of a mass shooting. If our paths ever cross I am going to stick my 45 up your penis whole and pull the trigger. You complete piece of horse crap.

Bria Fey

May 28th, 8:07am

You dumb piece of sh*t. How DARE you pretend to know what it’s like to lose a child? After your idiotic and ignorant comments about “your dead kids don’t blah blah blah my constitutional rights” (seriously, you don’t even deserve to be quoted, so I won’t), people are honestly questioning your sanity, you sanctimonious prick. You aren’t morally superior though – you are morally vacant. You are a liar and a fraud and a sad excuse for a human being. You spread hate and you are pro-violence and you are what is wrong with humanity. F**k. You.

John Seitz

May 28th, 2:00am

I will pray every night that the day comes when you have to go to the morgue to identify your murdered child or grandchild. I would never harm another human being, except in self defense, but I will donate to the defense fund of anyone who makes you suffer.

Bill Jonke

May 27th, 9:45pm

May one of your own children, if your limp d**k was capable of helping to conceive, receive the same fate as those “dead children” who don’t trump your rights, you BASTARD! And get your balls shot at too while you’re at it. You deserve it and without a 911 call.

Bill Jonke

May 28th, 12:28am

Fu**ing prick, if you can even find one without a microscope or apply a 2″ strap-on!

Steve Small

May 29th, 10:50am

I hope someone knocks you right the f**k out, you miserable a**hole!

Misch Jinx

22 hrs ·

I said it once and i’ll say it again .. i hope you have eyes in the back of your head cause by the time you hear the sound it will be to late

Joanne McIntyre

May 27 at 5:56pm ·

Joe hope somebody comes along and shoots your dumb ass.

Harry Ballzack

May 27 at 5:07pm ·

Livestock humping, inbred southern trash.

Bill Jonke

May 27 at 4:28pm ·

You, a poor excuse for a plumber, need to be shot in the b**ls and left to live!


So there you go – the tolerant left and their love for humanity. There are literally thousands more everyday… sad to think these people are even out there. Now do you think you should have the right to protect your family? I sure do.

Keep in mind that these are the same folks criticizing me for insensitive remarks! – JTP

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