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There is nothing that the homosexual lobby hates more than the reality of ex-homosexuals. Just as Islam cannot stand anyone who leaves the religion, treating them as apostates worthy of death, and just as any ex-atheists are treated like the plague by other atheists, so too are any former homosexuals.

The militant homosexual activists pour out their greatest hatred, scorn and derision (which they seem to have huge supplies of) on anyone who dares to celebrate his freedom from the dangerous homosexual lifestyle. They absolutely go ballistic when a person bravely and courageously renounces this dead-end lifestyle and moves on to liberty and freedom, wholeness and life.

This outpouring of diabolical hatred and bile is explained quite easily. One, homosexuals of course deep down know they are living a lie, and that what they are doing is unnatural, unhealthy and wrong. So they utterly hate it when anyone points out these simple truths to them.

Two, when homosexuals turn their lives around and find healing and freedom as they go back to the way they were intended to be, their very lives are a massive antidote to the lies and indoctrination campaigns of the activists that homosexuals are born that way and cannot change.

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This is the biggest myth of all in the homosexual community, and when it is proven to be utterly false, with real life stories of those who most certainly have left the lifestyle, then the activist will foam at the mouth in rage that their entire agenda has been caught out.

Indeed, to challenge the claims of homosexual immutability is to challenge the entire homosexual edifice – the foundation has been irrevocably undermined, and the whole house of cards must come crashing down. So no wonder the militants hate all those who have found new life, cleansing and restoration.

The stories of such wonderful transformations are of course many. In each of my two books on homosexuality I feature the amazing testimonies of those who were deeply into the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle. Reading about how they have been set free and wonderfully transformed is just incredible.

Another amazing story is that of David Kyle Foster. He is yet another glaring example of how someone steeped into this lifestyle can be restored, renewed and redeemed. He begins his powerful story this way:

For over 10 years I lived the homosexual lifestyle, and for 34 years I have not. And there are very good reasons for that difference. To those who suggest that I never was homosexual, my response is, “Does sleeping with over 1,000 men count?”
Oh yes. I was homosexual, though like most, I never wanted to have such attractions. I saw the narcissism and arrested emotional development all around me, and in me. Guys flitting around like Peter Pan were sometimes cute and funny, and certainly nonthreatening, but I wanted to be a grown up. I wanted to be a man. I wanted to be strong, solid, stable and reliable.

I recognized the obsession with youth and beauty that drove their fantasies and lusts and knew that once I entered my thirties, the thrill of being wanted would quickly come to an end. I cringed at the epidemic of perverse sexual behaviors commonly practiced and celebrated by gay culture and wanted nothing to do with them.

Such behaviors were so obviously perverse. Simple anatomical design declared it. A man was designed to interact sexually with a woman. That’s the design. And when sex is practiced outside of that design, physical damage and a legion of diseases are unleashed.

He continues:

It does no good to pretend that it is good and natural and holy. That’s called denial. Statistics overflow with evidence that homosexual sex causes damage to body, soul and spirit. It actually damages the body of the partner. It tears at the body in ways that result in homosexual sex being the number one risk factor for contracting AIDS in this country. In fact, an entire cottage industry of scientific study and medical care has arisen from the proliferation of gay sex in our modern culture.

Homosexual behavior also tears at the soul, causing much higher rates for substance abuse, suicide, depression, domestic violence, early death—even in the most gay-friendly regions of the globe. Why? Because active homosexuals are trying to find something through gay relationships that can never be found there. The happiness that they seek can only be found in submitting their sexuality to the Lordship of Christ and allowing Him to bring healing to the broken areas that have caused their homosexual desires. Yes, it’s a slow and sometimes arduous path to take, just as it is for the addict, but the only one that leads to joy, peace and eternal life with God.

His entire story is well worth reading about. But if you prefer to see and hear his testimony, and that of many others like him, a new video has just come out which every one of us must get, watch, share and promote. I refer to the two-hour documentary, “Such Were Some of You“.

It features not only the stirring story of Foster, but 28 other ex-homosexuals and lesbians. This is the biggest and best collection of such stories now available. Any one of them absolutely demolishes the lies of the homosexual agenda, but taken together, no one with the slightest sense will ever again fall for the homosexual propaganda.

In addition to all these incredible stories of new life and new hope, there are plenty of key experts who also share much-needed truths on this issue. Thus we have folks like Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Dr. Michael L. Brown and Dr. Robert Gagnon offering vital information and truth not found in the lamestream media.

You can see a short trailer for this vitally important documentary here. I strongly urge all of you to not just get a copy, but get at least two: one for yourself and one for a friend, or for a homosexual you know who would like to change, but needs help and encouragement along the way.

This is a very powerful tool which we all must avail ourselves of. It is just what people trapped in a dangerous and devitalizing lifestyle so desperately need.

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Bill Muehlenberg
Bill Muehlenberg, who was born in America, lives in Melbourne, Australia. He runs a web-based ministry of pro-faith, pro-family activism called CultureWatch: http://www.billmuehlenberg.com. Bill is widely sought out by the media for comments on social issues, faith issues, and family issues, and has appeared on all the major television and radio news shows, current affairs shows, and debate programs. He is the author of In Defence of the Family; Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality, and several other books.

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