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Biblical and Secular Information…

This will be helpful (presented as backup links, since the Left works hard to shut down and censor). Feel free to use these links and information within them at will. If they work at shutting this down or censoring this information, that only proves they are afraid of the truth. if your worldview is true, you can allow it to be challenged. So the question is, who has the fact on their side and who has only socio-political fiction on their side?

The politicization of Marriage, Sex, Sexuality, Gender (Comprehensive non-editorial and data):

About Marriage “rights:”


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Family Structure:

The real scoop on same sex couples raising children backup links…



The issue of Liberty and Conscience:

How does redefining marriage affect others? It doesn’t you say? Are you sure about that?…



More on that here…



The Southern Poverty Law center scams donations now by linking Conservative views on sexuality and marriage with racists:



The scoop on same sex couples Domestic Violence rates…



The scoop on the Gender Confusion (Trans) movement…



Women who have sex with Women (Lesbian lifestyle Medical Consequences)…



Men who have sex with men (Male homosexual practice medical Consequences)…



More medical consequences can be found here…



Even more documentation of the medical consequences have been documented in this following book. About this book…

The very nature and existence of homosexual activist lobbies, school curriculum promoting homosexual practice and gender confusion targeting children and teens under the guise of anti-bully, homosexual public pride displays, using the government to force business owners to participate in events they disagree with, etc are what is making what should be a private bedroom matter an in everybody’s faces public matter. These all have grave consequences on our health as a culture, as a family, and as individuals.

I appreciate this book and will encourage others to read and share it, because I simply rather not have blood on my hands. Nobody ever died from the direct cause of not having sex. And not all romantic and sexual inclinations, desires, and attractions are ones that should be acted on. Unfortunately, this common sense seems to be leaving our culture.

So what form of sexual contact has the highest probability of transmission of any STDs, HIV, Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, herpes, Syphilis, CMV, gonorrhea, sex related cancers, etc regardless of how others feel about it? What “lifestyle” has a higher probability of psychological problems regardless of how others feel about it of what others say about it?

The medical data represents an area of this issue that needs to be brought back to this discussion, front and center. This is the most comprehensive book you will find on that data, which comes from medical sources that you will discover aren’t from any kind of right-wing conspiracy. It is a compilation of medical data coming from independent and scientific sources such as Pub med, The National Instittute of Health, the National Center for Biotechnical Information, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and many other sources like those. It also includes data from pro homosexual lobby sources such as the American Psychiatric Association, which has a homosexual activist lobby among their board of directors called Division 44 and the AGLP.

This book settles the question whether or not people who engage in same-sex sexual behavior have a decreased risk for psychiatric disorders and sex related physical illness as a result of non-existent social stigma or discrimination. We are all supposed to believe without question that the illness and problems are not related to homosexual behavior itself. This is nonsense that isn’t challenge enough. The first step in making sense of and preventing this mass deception starts with reading “Health Hazards” by Mass Resistance. This book contains the truth about the health risk associated with homosexual practice and gender confusion and addresses the politically correct spin that organizations include in their data reports out of fear of the homosexual activist lobby . It just may save someone’s life…



What happened to mainstream scientific organizations after they become political:


Living a Lie: Exposing the Inherent Contradictions:





Scripture, the Bible, GOD’s Word…cuts to the chase:

The Bible is not necessarily a science text, but it is responsible for many scientific and archeological discoveries. It is scientifically accurate. So what does the Bible say about homosexual practice, the consequences and what does it say about redemption and change from homosexual inclinations and homosexual practice….



The issue of cowardice and judging righteously vs self-righteously or hypocritically…



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Jason Salamone
Jason Salamone is a former liberal agnostic, but surrendered to Christ on April 7th, 2011 at Liberty Counsel's Awakening conference. A "Movement Conservative," Jason is a no exceptions pro-lifer, and believes that the natural family are foundational to small/limited government. Jason has contributed predominately as a non-editorial research analyst to a variety pro-family activists. When reading his articles, please don't overlook the hyperlinks used to reinforce the facts and data presented.

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