Everyone Deserves Rights Except Christians and Conservatives

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Let us not leave anyone out. Indeed, as bold, compassionate, open minded Americans we should have no moral or marriage lines in the sand. That just speaks to judgment and hate. The only thing we should do in the sand is play in it and feel good.

Is it judgment if not hate speech to even say there is a line anymore – anywhere? Marriage between a man and a woman…and sex with each other only in marriage…and the big one, wait until sex when you are married…oh yeah, married to the opposite sex. Talk about spoil the party Christian and God people! Why should we care about God’s limitations, guidelines, protective boundaries and opinions? We have a big party to ramp up and the music is blaring.

Where has the sexual and marriage rights party gone?

Long ago the Biblical definition of marriage and sexual values were trampled and replaced with the “Sexual and marriage theme park.” This is the new norm reflected in the Government “theme park” curriculum – Common Core. We now see spectacular rides offered and pushed for everyone: New history, new gods and new joy rides: ‘sex for everyone at all ages, experiment, enjoy, change all the rules, don’t listen to God or your parents and above all…act out. Everyone who dares to notice the pregnancies, abortions, STDs, broken hearts and suicides are haters, judgers and thieves of freedom. Bye Bye – parents…Bye Bye – God of the Holy Bible.

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Only recently we heard the absurd addition to the theme park list of people who want and demand sexual and marriage rights: Grace Gelder married herself.

So now we have people marrying themselves, changing their sex, demanding and having group sex. There are those who demand sex with children (after all, who will show them how it is done but a waiting 60-year-old pervert ready to perform — with rights also). There are gays, lesbians, transgender, groupies, kid sex people and now self-marriage people. There are people who demand sex rights with animals and thing — on and on the absurd goes when the only thing you do in the sand is play in it.

What a list–gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, pedophile, groupies, self-sexers, animal sexers, tri-fly-in-between and back and forth sexers. Certainly, all these groups need unions, rights and TV shows made about them. Next, they all need laws made so none of us can have an opinion, talk about or notice them.

Gay activists are pushing “gay history” lifting up pervert icons. These include porn stars and those advocating sex with children…Wow! What role models to force down the throats of our children, stuck in a ‘pubic’ sorry I made a mistake…’public’ school system.

Great and powerful empires were destroyed from within again and again as they made sex the norm. How can we forget the fall of Rome: ‘Government was God’ ‘obsession with sex was always good’ ‘Destroy all who believe differently – Christians.’ They ultimately destroyed themselves. Is America going to do the same?

It is way past time to reset the moral and marriage button before it is too late for America

The main reason this nation is powerful and great is because it was built on Judeo-Christian values, vision and the power and leading of God of the Holy Bible. No one was ever perfect in our history but most, not a few, did serve the Lord and try and do what was moral and right for the nation. Many gave their fortunes, reputations and lives for our freedom.

Open up Laurie….Open up Laurie, you are living in the past and obviously a hater-Christian. Other people have rights too Laurie…

Open up this America

Open up your Holy Bible and understand that it is the revealed message and plan of the Lord Jesus Christ. It does clearly teach us all about sin, boundaries, forgiveness and redemption. It doesn’t water everything down for the theme park people.

Opening up wide with endless rights is only destroying families, children, health, freedom and our futures. Put your clothes on, stand up for what is right and fight for what’s left of morality in your family, state, schools and Government. You had better vote for the conservative like your life depended on it in 2014 because it does.

It is time to stop compromising and apologizing as a people and country. Start praying, lifting up morals and integrity again.

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Dr. Laurie Roth
Dr. Laurie Roth hosts a popular and growing national radio talk show called The Roth Show. It airs from 7-10pm PAC Mon-Friday www.therothshow.com. She is known as ‘The Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ a name given her by her listeners and is also a regularly published commentator and speaker at conservative conferences. In 2010 Laurie was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC for breaking a national story on Obama and his many connections with William Ayers.

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