Evangelical Leaders Vent Criticism of Brazil’s Bolsonaro Administration for Giving Them Very Little Space

Disgruntled with very few posts in the government, Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus promises to support the Bolsonaro administration only on issues such as abortion and gay agenda

Disgruntled with the fact that the Brazilian government has not talked to evangelical leaders and has given very little space for evangelicals in its high-profile posts, the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus, traditionally the most conservative force in the Brazilian Congress, has decided to support the Bolsonaro administration only on ethical issues such as abortion and the gay agenda. Congressmen elected with support from evangelical churches are not sparing President Jair Bolsonaro, whom they helped elect, from public criticism on social networks.

Representative Marco Feliciano (Podemos-SP) used Twitter to send a message: “The communication has been terrible. When the government decides to rule alone, it becomes a giant with muddy feet.”

Representative Sóstenes Cavalcante (DEM-RJ) said that “ideologically, never” the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus will “sabotage the government,” but he warned that “politics is done with dialogue or each one will take care of his tenure.”

Sóstenes, who is connected with Assemblies of God televangelist Silas Malafaia, added sadly: “The (evangelical) caucus never had space, but now it is worse.”

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It was for Bolsonaro, who was elected largely by evangelicals — a fact acknowledged even by his socialist political enemy Fernando Haddad —, to give more space to his supporters. But he has not done so. Because his administration has proclaimed itself conservative, it was for him to at least give post to his more conservative supporters, who are just evangelicals.

However, it is not what is happening. If before Bolsonaro, evangelical leaders had little place in the government, now, as Sóstenes has pointed out, they have much less.

To make up for the very few posts he has given to evangelicals in government, some interpret that President Bolsonaro has appealed for another strategy to try to please the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus: the moral discourse. There have been many government speeches showing that the conservative tone will have priority.

Bolsonaro’s effort today to keep evangelicals out of most of his ministries is a contrast with his attitude of seeking evangelical support during his campaign in 2018. He was even baptized by a Pentecostal minister in the Jordan River in Israel in 2016 in a clear political ploy to draw evangelicals. It worked. The U.S., Brazilian and Israeli press credited evangelicals for his victory.

Yet, if evangelicals are not getting the preference to fill the most important positions in the Bolsonaro administration, who is getting them? The two key government posts — Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs — were granted to adherents of the astrologer Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian immigrant self-exiled in the United States for 15 years who is known in Brazil for profanity, advocacy of the Inquisition, advocacy of smoking and Guenonian anti-Marxism.

While evangelicals have only one representative in a high-profile government ministry — Dr. Damares Alves, who is a Pentecostal minister and heads the Ministry of Family and Human Rights — olavetes, as the astrologer’s adherents are called, have received far more post to the detriment of evangelicals that elected Bolsonaro.

Olavetes brought with them all their well-known radicalism, including advocates of the Inquisition, who tortured and killed Jews and Protestants. One of these advocates was exposed by me in this recent article: An Undercover Agent of the Inquisition in Brazil’s Ministry of Education?

Such radicalism usually provokes crises, which are only avoided when there are authorities with open eyes. It was no different in that case. Last week, under pressure from the Brazilian military, all the adherents of the astrologer Olavo who had vital and strategic posts in the Ministry of Education were demoted to insignificant posts.

Silvio Grimaldo, an activist directly associated to the astrologer, complained on his Facebook page: “The purge of Olavo de Carvalho’ students from the Ministry of Education is the biggest betrayal within the Bolsonaro administration that has been seen so far.”

He has his reasons for complaining. He held a very high position in the Ministry of Education. He was demoted to a small and useless position and resigned.

However, he has no right to complain as if he and other adherents of the astrologer were owners of the Brazilian government. Who should complain of “betrayal” are evangelicals who were largely forgotten by Bolsonaro and besides not getting important positions, had to watch quietly important posts being delivered to olavetes submissive to an astrologer who advocates the Inquisition and attacks evangelicals.

Olavetes could perhaps speak in betrayal if they had been vital to the election of Bolsonaro. They were not.

Who was vital to Bolsonaro’s election were evangelicals, according to a New York Times report, which cited the name of Pentecostal minister Silas Malafaia as the evangelical leader who led millions of evangelicals to vote for Bolsonaro. But even the name of Malafaia has been little honored in the Bolsonaro administration, which prefers to often glorify the astrologer Olavo. Evangelicals might call it betrayal, but they do not do it.

What evangelical leaders are doing in the face of the obvious “betrayal” is to support the Bolsonaro administration, for the sake of Brazil, only on ethical issues such as abortion and the gay agenda. They will not support Bolsonaro on other political issues precisely because Bolsonaro gave preference to those who were not vital to his election — olavetes — to the detriment of those who were vital to his election — evangelicals.

In contrast, olavetes, as Grimaldo’s outburst showed, are revolted at losing vital positions they did not deserve.

The military who expelled olavetes from the Ministry of Education leadership did a great good to Brazil, because olavism is problematic in all its nature, especially since the source of its anti-Marxism is the Islamic sorcerer René Guénon, who founded the Traditionalist School, to promote a fascist esoteric “conservatism” to fight Marxism. Guenonianism has no shortage of fascism. Guénon’s greatest adherent, Julius Evola, was an advisor to the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and to Nazism itself.

Activists influenced by Guénon cause chaos and confusion wherever they go. One of them passed through the White House and caused chaos and confusion. His name is Steve Bannon, who is now persona non grata in the U.S. government after President Donald Trump drove him out of the White House, calling him an opportunist and leaker of secret information to self-promote. Supported by evangelicals, Protestant Trump managed to get rid of Bannon’s craftiness and opportunism.

Coincidence or not, Bannon and Carvalho are today friends and united to promote their “conservatism,” and they are winning the hearts of Bolsonaro and his sons. Even supported by evangelicals, Bolsonaro and his sons have been unable to get rid of the craftiness and opportunism of Carvalho and Bannon.

Trump identified very well the opportunist and treacherous nature of Bannon, who is an adherent of Guénon and even praised Guénon and Evola at a Vatican conference in 2014. The nature of fascist esoteric “conservatives” is opportunistic and treacherous. This is the nature of Olavo de Carvalho. This is the nature of olavetes.

Yet, this is not the nature of evangelical leaders who worked so hard for the election of Bolsonaro and are now forgotten in vital government positions. The anti-Marxism of evangelical leaders and the evangelical population has no roots in Guénon and his “traditionalism,” a “conservatism” that has much more of esotericism and fascism in its soul than the alleged (syncretic) Catholicism that Bannon, Carvalho, and others Guenonians proclaim.

Evangelicals offered Bolsonaro an anti-Marxism based on the Bible. He largely rejected it.

Carvalho and Bannon offered Bolsonaro and his sons a Guenonian-based anti-Marxism. He largely accepted.

Anti-Marxism with evangelical foundations leads to good results. The United States, the most Protestant and most anti-Marxist nation in the world, is a good example, especially with President Ronald Reagan, who was a Protestant. American evangelical anti-Marxism is the greatest inspiration for Brazilian evangelical anti-Marxism. In fact, American anti-Marxism is traditionally the greatest ally of evangelical churches in Latin America.

Anti-Marxism with occult bases leads to disaster. Hitler, who was an anti-Marxist occultist, is an example.

In the 1960s, the military saved Brazil from communism. This is an undeniable truth. And now, with its pressure to destroy the influence of olavetes in the Ministry of Education, the Brazilian military is saving Brazil from the Guenonian anti-Marxism and its fascist esoteric “conservatism.”

Such a military intervention came in good time because Olavo de Carvalho was so self-assured that the Bolsonaro administration was under his spell that days ago he publicly called for the Federal Police to investigate me under the allegation that my denunciations against him involving the Inquisition and occultism are collusions paid by the Russian government that threaten national security. That is, he tried to use his influence on Bolsonaro to portray me as an enemy of the Brazilian government and to “encourage” the Brazilian State to persecute me.

Like many evangelicals, I voted for Bolsonaro. Like other evangelicals, I am saddened to see how olavetes, who are anti-evangelical opportunists, have won government offices.

Perhaps the necessary intervention of the military is the prayer of evangelicals being answered. With more prayers, Bolsonaro may someday remember evangelicals who supported him, and that the occupation of government posts by Carvalho’s activists is at the expense of evangelicals.

While Grimaldo and other olavetes complain and revolt because they lost posts they have never deserved and treat as “betrayal” their loss of undeserved privileges, fueling chaos and confusion against the government, evangelicals who deserved vital posts and did not win are not slandering the Bolsonaro administration as traitor and are not fueling any chaos and confusion. They are praying for the Brazilian president and will continue doing what they have always done: working against abortion and the gay agenda.

With information from Estadão.

Portuguese version of this article: Líderes evangélicos desabafam críticas ao governo Bolsonaro por lhes dar pouquíssimo espaço

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