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Legislation is pending in Washington D.C.  We’re going to be talking to Jonathan Alexandre, our Director of Public Policy in our Washington D.C. office.

Mat Staver: Jonathan, you’re in Washington D.C. monitoring the issues with regards to all kinds of legislation. And there’s legislation that is pending there with regards to Israel: two pieces of legislation, one in the U.S. House and one in the U.S. Senate. What we want to begin with is the issue of military assistance between Israel and the United States. It’s a big piece of legislation, because it’s the last one that President Obama will sign that could carry off for a number of years after his presidency, and it has a big impact on Israel with regards to its military readiness.

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Jonathan Alexandre: Certainly, Mat, we’re seeing that President Obama has $3.1 billion that he’s submitted in his fiscal year budget to Congress, and all of that would be going to security assistance for Israel. And it’s a continuation of this memorandum of understanding…   

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