The Epic Failures & Scandals of BHO — from A to Z

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And remember, HRC is a chip off the old block

Here they are, the always requested hit list of Obama’s Scandalpalooza…for your reading pleasure, with the scandals alphabetized for easy reference!


Affordable Care Act, ‘Vee vill force you to buy zee coverage, pay zee high deductibles unt premiums, unt you vill like it!’

Afghanistan, surrender is within our reach

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Abortion, public financing, late term, unrestricted

Al Qaeda, ‘on the run’

Al Sharpton, ‘special adviser on race’

Alinsky, playing by rules for radicals, i.e., no rules

Amnesty, violates law

Anti-Christian bias

Anti-American in thought, word and deed

Attacks SCOTUS

Attacks Congress

Attacks Republicans

Attacks average Americans, clinging to guns and Bibles

Ayers the Bill, terrorist confidante

Arab Spring, oops


Bankruptcy, looming

Benghazi, let it happen, then lied about the attack and American deaths

Bergdahl, release terrorists to free a traitor

Black Panthers, no prosecution

Boko Haram, fail

Business failures, record setting

Broken promises, a boat load


Campaign contributions, illegal

Climate change, hoax

Clinton Foundation

Clinton emails & server swipe

Clinton malfeasance in office

Czars, unelected dictators

China, on the march

Christian genocide

Chris Kyle, ignored his service, his sacrifice and his funeral

Coal, destroying

Credit rating decline

Creeping Communism

Crime waves, caused for reasons

Crony capitalism, playing favorites

Cuba, funding terrorism, selling weapons


Daily Intelligence Briefing, optional

Debt, totally out of control, crushing the economy


DHS, joke

DOJ, political arm of the president

Drones, targeting citizens without a warrant

Durbin the Dick


Economic devastation

Education-Common Core, every classroom teaching revolution

Energy policy, awful

Environmental extremism, damaging to liberty and prosperity

EPA, regulatory mayhem

Executive amnesty, clearly illegal

Executive orders, increasingly unconstitutional

Egypt, fouled relations

Europe, fouled relations


Fast & Furious, corruption central

Felon release program, illegal immigration

Finance reform, unlimited big bank bailouts

Food Stamps, record number of beneficiaries

Fort Hood shooter, workplace violence, nothing to do with Islam

FOIA stonewalling

Fraud and waste in green energy grants and subsidies and loans

Funding for Hamas


Gay is gay

Golf [when in doubt, hit the links]

Government corruption

Government spending

Government debt

Government inefficiency

Government mortgages

Government waste

Government expansion

Government intrusion into private lives

Government surveillance


Gun Control


‘Hear ‘bout it on the news’


Homeland insecurity


Inner cities, mayhem


Internet control

Insurance policies, cancelled

Insurance premiums, skyrocketing

Illegal immigration

Islam, promotes and funds

Israel, forsaking an ally

IRS scandals/criminality


Iranian nukes

Illegal war Libya

ISIS, sent weapons from Libya, ordered CIA to train

ISIS, ‘nothing to do with Islam’


Jihad, escalations on every front

Jobs programs, none

Jordan, relations fouled

Journalists, surveillance, intimidation


Keystone Pipeline, killed for no reason, jobs lost

Knifing Republicans


LGBT, never misses a chance to promote the agenda

Lois Lerner using gov’t to persecute conservatives

Leadership, lack thereof

Lies, lost count

Lied about Bush, Saddam & WMD

Lied about the raid on bin Laden

Lied about Benghazi

Lied about ObamaCare, over and over


Major General Harold Greene, KIA Afghanistan, Obama ignored his funeral

Media manipulation

Military demoralization

Military rules of engagement, for years, getting people killed

Military misuse

Military disrespect

Middle class, destruction

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House

Muslims, ‘I stand with . . . ‘


National debt limit, raised many times, contrary to promise


Nuke proliferation


ObamaCare waivers, subsidies, state exchanges

Occupy Wall Street


Pelosi the Nancy

Poverty, worst

Politics of personal attack


Qatar, funded ISIS


Race relations, historic lows

Recess appointments, unconstitutional

Reid the Harried

Religious liberty, attacks on

Regulation, killing the economy

Resources control

Rules of engagement, our military personnel put at unnecessary risk

Russia, bogus reset


Schools, shooting galleries

Sealed records

Simpson-Bowles: convened, ignored

Social Justice, gospel (communism)

Stimulus, $800B to Democrats, wasted

Strategy, ISIS, out to lunch, AWOL

Same Sex Marriage, opposed by majority

Same Sex Marriage, position ‘evolved’ when politically useful

Syria, dithering led to 200,000 slaughtered

Saudi Arabia, funded ISIS





Taxes, raised

Terrorism, on the march

Thugs, stands with

Trade, incoherent

Transparency, Ha!

Treasonous support for various terrorist organizations


Unconstitutional actions

Unemployment, massive

Unions, bailed out private pension funds for autoworkers, then screwed GM investors


Veterans Administration, a mess

Veterans, cut benefits

Veterans, hospital, vets can’t get care, some die from neglect

V.A. reform, broken promise

Violations of law

Violations of the Constitution

Voter ID

Voting, illegals


War on Terror, joke

Whines about being mistreated

Wright the Jeremiah, spiritual mentor


Xplains nothing


Yemen, example of success

Yemen, abandoned Americans trapped there



So, if you like Obama, you’ll love Hillary.

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