EPA in on Obama Admin’s Latest Pro-LGBT Move

By Charlie Butts

One attorney speculates how information will be used in the Obama administration’s latest attempt to appease the LGBT movement.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to begin obtaining data from employees on sexual orientation and gender identity, reportedly to make sure both groups “feel included” in the workplace. While participation in the pilot program is voluntary, Matt Barber, founder of Barbwire.com, argues the move reflects the administration’s “bizarre fetish with all things LGBT.”

Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)“This is another attempt by the Obama administration to create a false equivalency between identity … based upon a person’s aberrant sexual desires, behaviors, [and] temptations, versus immutable qualities, such as skin color, such as a person’s biological sex — things that are unchangeable,” Barber laments.

The constitutional attorney points out that people on both sides of the issue must wonder how the data will be used.

“Probably under this Obama administration it will be used to create some kind of special consideration or privilege, that we would see that people who are engaged in normal sexual behavior as God intended it — between a man and a woman — would not receive and would not be given,” the attorney suspects.

So Barber considers the project just another “sneaky way” for the administration to continue furthering every demand of the homosexual activist lobby and to create an offensive equivalent between the color of a person’s skin and another person’s sinful behavior.

First published at News One Now

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