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For the past three days, media networks and politicians from both political parties have pretended to be outraged and offended by the leaked crude remarks made by Donald Trump eleven years ago in an unguarded moment. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Trump’s remarks, “horrific.” The video was released simultaneously by all of the major news networks on Friday, in a clear attempt to humiliate the Republican presidential candidate and end his campaign, but they have a massive credibility problem.

ABC News presented the “lewd comments by Donald Trump” during their 6:30 program. NBC, CBS and others did likewise. “Why,” one might ask, “would the networks air what they characterized as lewd comments during primetime?” The incessant professed outage is monumentally duplicitous, especially from the Left.

The comments viewers heard Trump make were indeed, vulgar, profane and indefensible. Trump’s words were palpably humiliating to the candidate and undoubtedly enormously embarrassing to his sons and daughters and to his wife. He began the second presidential debate with an unwavering apology for the offense he caused his family, the country and all women. Reactions from the people who have tasked themselves with telling the public what we should believe have been predictably hypocritical.

House Speaker Paul Ryan leapt at the chance to join with a few other Republicans and most Democrats to condemn Trump’s remarks and the candidate himself, incited by the many media pundits and commentators. Their pontificating is incredulous. Who among us has not seen and heard far worse things come out of the mouths of Hollywood film and television actors, and yes, Democrat politicians in recent years?

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Perhaps such a person exists in America, but I have never met anyone who was ordained into sainthood at birth and do not expect to in this lifetime. Every honest man must admit that even if he has never verbalized the comments that Donald Trump made, that same capacity exists within each of us to do so, especially in the presence of younger men with whom he is interested in forming a fraternal bond and feels he is safe to do so.

The feigned outrage of Democrats and the media is absurd. After all, for the past sixty years, Democrats and their friends in Hollywood and New York have been actively eroding every boundary of decency and morality in the public square. These same people, circled themselves in a defensive wall around then-president, Bill Clinton after we learned that he had sexual relations with an intern in the Oval Office of the White House. We have since learned that Bill Clinton has racked-up a lengthy resume of sexual abuses against women including charges of rape.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton threatened and viciously attacked the victims of her husband. And yet, she sanctimoniously claims to be a defender of women and children. The sheer hypocrisy of news media and Democrat politicians has no equal in recent history. Media networks are universally and overtly engaged in protecting Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton and smearing Donald Trump–a self-evident fact.

America is facing real and imminent threats to our national defense, our economy and even our foundational Constitutional freedoms. Illegal immigration and political corruption must be halted. Religious liberty, the right to bear arms and economic determinism are all at risk if Democrat Clinton is permitted to appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. She has vowed to expand abortion-on-demand at taxpayer expense and limit Second Amendment rights.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton committed numerous crimes that placed U.S. national security information at great risk. She has said that using a private email server was a mistake and “I take responsibility for that.” But she hasn’t. In fact, she deleted 33,000 emails that Congress had subpoenaed and destroyed several wireless devices. Finally, her husband met privately with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch days before the Justice Department was set to release its decision whether or not to indict her on espionage charges.

Secretary Clinton ignored hundreds of requests for additional security from Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi which ultimately cost his life and the lives of three other Americans. She ignored them all. This alone, makes her unfit for the office of president.

Clinton’s confidant, Huma Abedin has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam. None of the news networks has investigated Abedin or questioned her access to U.S. classified information. What her role would be in a Hillary Clinton administration is unclear–National Security Advisor, perhaps?

Mrs. Clinton is by far, the most corrupt, incompetent and despicable candidate ever to seek the office of president. But the media is not interested in exploring her reckless and anti-American policy plans. She aims to expand the massive public failure known as Obamacare, will refuse to protect our borders and wants to increase the number of unvetted Syrian refugees. Her energy policies will make Americans less secure and cost every household more money each year.

Clinton and the media are determined to do everything possible to magnify the personal failings of Donald Trump because Democrat policies have utterly failed at every level. Mrs. Clinton has no policy proposals that are substantially different from those that have caused us so much misery and suffering over the past eight years.

Whether we like it or not, the only intelligent and principled presidential choice is Donald Trump. Like each of us, he’s got flaws. But he understands the importance of securing our borders, destroying ISIS, reversing the horrible trade deals that have stolen American jobs, cutting taxes and rebuilding the military. Trump alone, will work to protect religious freedom and our Second Amendment rights.

If Americans fail to vote according to the issues next month, our freedom and Constitutional liberties will likely be lost forever.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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