Enemies of Israel Form Obama-supported Alliance

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In a newly signed agreement, a reorganization of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) government now includes a union with Hamas, designated by both the United States and Israel as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

While deceitfully calling for peace with Israel, the P.A. is now aligned with an extremist organization whose mindset includes a vitriolic hatred for the Jews and whose charter calls for the nation’s annihilation.  They openly call for the murder of all Jews.

The Obama administration announced that it will recognize the new P.A. government and its terrorist affiliation.

Palestinian Authority leaders assured members of the Obama administration, including Secretary of State John Kerry that the new “unity” government will not call for the murder of Jews and the destruction of the nation (wink, wink).

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The Obama administration moved to break U.S. policy and recognize the new government based solely on their verbal promise of seeking peace. That extremely misguided decision “stunned and outraged Israelis and emboldened radicals in the Arab and Muslim world,” as Thomas Rose so aptly described the events on Breitbart News:

“Israeli officials have reacted bitterly to the US move, which they believe not only devastates peace efforts but will encourage a renewed wave of terrorist violence against Israelis. Furthermore, Israeli officials, starting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself, openly claim they were misled, even lied to by Obama Administration officials. They contend they were promised repeatedly and unequivocally that no such moves were afoot and that the US would never recognize or work with any Palestinian government that includes Hamas.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is understandably disturbed by the U.S. recognition, as he told the Associated Press, “I’m deeply troubled by the announcement that the United States will work with the Palestinian government backed by Hamas…All those who genuinely seek peace must reject President Abbas’ embrace of Hamas, and most especially, I think the United States must make it absolutely clear to the Palestinian president that his pact with Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks Israel’s liquidation, is simply unacceptable.”

The United States government has thrown billions of dollars at the P.A. 

America grants the Palestinian Authority $500 million annually, with reportedly over $5 billion already allocated.

As investigative journalist Edwin Black points out, “The annual financial infusion has been on autopilot as Israelis and Palestinians negotiated over the meters and metrics of a two-state solution. American money has been lavishly spent on Palestinians…”

Now, the peace process is once again in jeopardy. President Obama is driving another wedge between Israel and us. And he’s breaking U.S. law to continue funding the P.A.!

Bipartisan Members of Congress are “gravely concerned” and are calling for a policy review – and to cease funding of the P.A.  

In an open letter to President Obama which is now being widely circulated on Capitol Hill, Senators Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) and Susan Collins (R-ME), say they are “gravely concerned” about the newly formed government’s effect on the peace process,

“Recent events have consequences as to U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority as provided for in the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 and restrictions contained in the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2014, including prohibiting foreign assistance to Hamas or any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member or over which Hamas has undue influence. These troubling developments, including the role played by Hamas in the formation of the government, have undermined Congressional support for U.S. assistance to the Palestinians. Any assistance should only be provided when we have confidence that this new government is in full compliance with the restrictions contained in current law. We urge you to continue to impress on President Abbas the need for him to cease any alliance with terrorist organizations such as Hamas and to return to the negotiating table with Israel.”

Petition the Obama administration and the United States Congress to reject the newly formed Palestinian Authority and immediately cease funding of the organization.

This is an urgent matter that requires Americans’ immediate attention. The rule of law is clear: Hamas is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. The United States cannot fund Hamas. It’s plain and simple. President Obama has deemed that this is yet another law by which he will not abide.

Please take one minute and sign the petition calling for Congress and the Obama administration to reject the newly formed Palestinian Authority “unity” government and immediately cease funding of that organization. Click here to sign.

We will always stand with Israel.

In addition to calling on the Obama administration and Congress to reject and defund the newly formed P.A. government, the LC petition declares that we boldly stand with Israel.  As you’ll see in the petition language…

  • We believe that the Palestinian Authority must recognize the Nation of Israel.•Further, we acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s God-ordained, undivided capital, knowing that Israel’s sovereignty will protect the holy sites of all faiths, rather than allowing them to come under control of Hamas terrorists who hate Jews and Christians alike.•We honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region.

We encourage President Barack Obama, the State Department, Congress, and the whole body politic of the United States of America to stand unwaveringly with Israel and denounce the new Palestinian Authority government while putting action to words and end the funding from any United States federal program.

We cannot allow the Obama administration to once again circumvent the rule of law. I believe when all is said and done, we will have bipartisan congressional support on this initiative.

(Please join us today and sign the LC petition calling for Congress to reject the newly formed Palestinian Authority, which is now aligned with a dangerous terrorist organization, and immediately cease U.S. funding.)

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Mathew D. Staver
Mathew D. Staver is Chairman and Founder of Liberty Counsel®, an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics. With offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and an outreach in Israel, Liberty Counsel has hundreds of advocates around the world.

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