Emails Show Google Bias Against Breitbart

Ever since Barack Obama illegally ran for the White House and won, anti-American, anti-conservative activists have not just come out of the woodwork, but began trampling the constitutional rights of anyone they disagree with.

I know one person who only posted prayers and Scripture on his Facebook page, but Facebook said he violated their code and shut down his page.

A couple of months before the 2018 midterm elections, Facebook shut down about 1,000 pages and posts, mostly those of conservatives supporting Republicans.

Facebook isn’t the only tech giant to trample on the constitutional rights of conservatives, as Twitter, Instagram and Google have also joined the silencing of conservatives.

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Further proof of Google’s censorship has been revealed in emails showing they sought to prevent Breitbart from earning any revenue via Google ads.


  • Leaked emails show Google employees plotting to ban Breitbart from Google AdSense, which dominates the digital ad market
  • The leaked conversation is the third example of Google employees seeking to weaponize Google’s products for left-wing purposes
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai is testifying Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee where he’s expected to be pressed on political bias at Google

Google employees sought to block Breitbart from Google AdSense less than one month after President Donald Trump took office, leaked emails from the company reveal.

Google employees sought to use alleged “hate speech” as a pretense for banning Breitbart from taking part in the advertising program, the emails show.

Barring Breitbart from the advertising program would have a devastating effect on the site’s ad revenue as Google accounts for roughly 37 percent of all digital advertising revenue

Google and Facebook have already blocked the use of their online ads for a number of conservatives over the past couple of years.

Some conservatives have been hit so hard by the illegal bias and censorship that they have either had to lay off workers and/or go out of business.

The censorship of activist liberals has impacted my own job and income, so I can safely say that what they are doing is more than just silencing, they are trying put conservatives out of business and out of work.

Hopefully, Congress or someone else or group of someones, will finally hold these left-wing tech giants accountable for their actions.



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