Elon Musk Books First Passenger to Moon

Elon Musk, holder of triple citizenship (US, Canada & South Africa), is the founder or co-founder of Space-X, Tesla, Neuralink and PayPal.

He is the 46th richest person in the world with a net worth of around $20 billion.

Musk has been pushing Space-X to the private leader in space flight and space exploration.

Over the past few years, he has developed and tested a space vehicle that has the capability of a soft terrestrial landing back on earth.

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He has been advertising for anyone interested in booking passage for his flights to the moon and back.

This week, Musk announced that Japanese tycoon Yusaku Maezawa is the first person to book the flight out of this world and back again.

(Vox) – No human being has flown near the moon since December 1972, when the Apollo 17 mission returned to Earth. Elon Musk, via his rocket company SpaceX, wants to change that.

On Monday night, amid much fanfare, Musk revealed the name of “the world’s first private passenger to fly around the Moon.” The passenger, Yusaku Maezawa, a clothing tycoon from Japan, is expected to make the journey aboard SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket, an enormous 348-foot-tall launch vehicle that’s still in development. Maezawa, 42, expects to take the trip sometime around 2023, if the rocket is ready. And he hopes to bring along with him some of “Earth’s top artists” along for the ride, as he writes on a new website about his future mission.

“I can tell you that I choose to go to the Moon! I choose to go to the moon with artists!” Maezawa said at the SpaceX event, paraphrasing John F. Kennedy.

He hopes the trip will inspire artists to create great works. “If Pablo Picasso had been able to see the moon up-close, what kind of paintings would he have drawn?” Maezawa writes

Some are skeptical of Musk’s announcement since he made a similar announcement last year for a trip that was to take place this year, but that trip never happened.

The delay is due to the testing of the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), which Space-X says is not quite ready for the task, but they hope to have it fully functional by 2013.

If given the chance and money was no object, would you go?

If I had the money to waste and was in better physical health, I would jump at the chance for a flight around the moon and back, especially on the first private flight.



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