Election Night Landslide for Pro-family

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Election night around the country had a number of stunning victories for the pro-family, pro-life agenda. And one of those was Kim Davis, but another one was also the Houston ordinance, the so-called “trans-gender/trans-sexual bathroom ordinance.” That ordinance that says, hey if you’re a man, you can use the women’s restroom, no problem. Just thinking you’re a woman and you can use the women’s restroom, no big deal.

Well, that was soundly rejected by the voters in Houston.

Mat Staver: Matt, this was not even close. This was a trouncing of this ordinance. What happened was, the lesbian mayor, which was the mistake in the beginning…because the voters asleep at the switch a couple years ago when they elected a lesbian mayor thinking that she was going to just do her job and she pushed this ordinance on the people. That lesbian mayor is the one who strong-armed this, and put this into the system.

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Lawsuits ensued over this. She ignored the voters when they got the number of signatures. but then the court ultimately said you need to either repeal it or put it on the ballot. They put it on the ballot and people went to the poles and they repealed it in overwhelming numbers.

Matt BarberLet’s not forget, this is the mayor, Annise Parker, who tried to intimidate pastors, subpoenaing their sermons from churches to see if they had worked against her trying to strong-arm the voters and violate disenfranchising the voters by throwing out tens of thousands of clearly appropriate signatures that had already been approved by the state. With her attorney just tossing them out arbitrarily. Well the Supreme Court of Texas said, no, put it back on the ballot. And it went down in flames.

And you know Mat, I was curious, I went on Twitter last night to see what Mayor Annise Parker had to say about it. And she had blocked me on Twitter from being able to see anything that she had. But you know what? She was unable to block the voters of Houston who overwhelmingly stood firm in defense of — and this is what this was about — in defense of the right of their daughters, the rights of their wives not to be confronted by a naked man wearing lipstick in a shower in a public locker room facility.

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