Eduardo Bolsonaro says that “without Olavo, there would be no election of Jair Bolsonaro”

Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said “without Olavo, there would be no election of Jair Bolsonaro.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro and Steve Bannon

His statement was made March 16, 2019, after the screening of Olavo de Carvalho’s movie “The Garden of Afflictions,” a movie with several New Age characteristics. The screening, presented in Washington D.C., is an effort of Steve Bannon to expand his movement and laying a strategic groundwork for Bolsonaro’s U.S. visit by propelling up Carvalho. Carvalho’s movie had been officially launched in the United States in 2017, but there was no American public willing to watch it.

In the event, Bannon said that he wants to present Carvalho’s ideas to the international public. If Bannon is honest, he is going to reveal to the international public the real Carvalho who

* defends the revisionism of the Inquisition, which tortured and killed Jews and Protestants, by saying “I repeat: there was never an entity called ‘the Inquisition’ and much less ‘Holy Inquisition.’”

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 * says that “Protestantism was born from hatred and blood thirst. Its Christian inspiration is ZERO.”

* famously said that “Evangelical churches have done more harm to Brazil than the entire left” — implying that evangelical churches should be fought much more than Marxism has been fought.

In contrast with Eduardo, who credited Carvalho for the victory of his father, the New York Times credited it to televangelist Silas Malafaia, who led millions of evangelicals to support Bolsonaro.

In fact, even Fernando Haddad, who was Bolsonaro’s presidential contender, acknowledged that the biggest factor responsible for his defeat at the polls was the “evangelical phenomenon.”

Obviously, evangelicals, who were ambitiously coveted by Bolsonaro during the election, have had very little space now that the government power is firmly in his hands.

The Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus, traditionally the most conservative force in the Brazilian Congress, has voiced its concerns and protests for having received very few posts in the Bolsonaro administration.

Less space for evangelicals means only one thing: More space for the influence of Carvalho and Bannon.

Bannon and Carvalho had two meetings last January. Both share the same background: They were inspired by René Guénon, an Islamic occultist who founded the Traditionalist School to promote esoteric conservatism and fight Marxism. Bannon, Carvalho and Guénon came from the same Catholic background.

After being fired by Trump, Bannon created a movement to influence right-wingers in Europe and Latin America. He had his first public meeting with Eduardo Bolsonaro August 2018. When asked by the international press, Jair Bolsonaro denied any ties with Bannon.

Late November, both met again: Eduardo Bolsonaro attended Bannon’s birthday party.

And last January, Bannon chose Eduardo as the head of his movement in Brazil and Latin America. “The Movement is honored to welcome Eduardo Bolsonaro as a distinguished partner, and Brazil, a key ally in South America,” Bannon said.

In spite of the fact that Bannon is today persona non grata in the U.S. government after President Donald Trump expelled him from the White House for leaking confidential information and opportunism, President Bolsonaro decided to honor Bannon in an exclusive dinner at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington on the eve of his meeting with Trump.

Bolsonaro’s decision to honor a Trump’s enemy is a slap in the face of Trump, just as Eduardo Bolsonaro saying that “without Olavo, there would be no election of Jair Bolsonaro” is a slap in the face of Silas Malafaia and evangelicals who elected Bolsonaro.

Carvalho, who has been a self-exiled Brazilian immigrant in the U.S. for 15 years, only is being a little more known now in the U.S. thanks to the efforts of Bolsonaro and Bannon, who are propelling him.

In the screening of Carvalho’s movie, he and Eduardo criticized the press. They do it all the time. I remembered Trump, who said about Bannon: “Steve pretends to be at war with the media, which he calls the opposition party, yet he spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. It is the only thing he does well.”

Such opportunism is a perfect description of Guénon’s adherents, who right now are taking advantage of Brazilian evangelicals by “leaking false information to the media” (“without Olavo, there would be no election of Jair Bolsonaro”) to make themselves seem far more important than they are.

Trump did very well by firing Bannon. But Bolsonaro is sowing troubles to himself by paying attention to Bannon and his Brazilian counterpart, Olavo de Carvalho.

Only God, through much prayer, can open Bolsonaro’s eyes.

With information from O Globo.

Portuguese version of this article: Eduardo Bolsonaro diz que “sem Olavo, não haveria a eleição de Jair Bolsonaro”

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