Ebola and Open Borders: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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By Rebekah Maxwell

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We Won’t Stop the Border Crisis, Even to Stop a Health Crisis: When the story broke last week that an American infected with Ebola would be brought into the country for treatment, many were concerned at the wisdom of such a plan. Should we invite the risk of a deadly outbreak in the U.S.? Would it really be just this one exception? Can the danger really be contained? All valuable questions.

But of course, we can’t ask those questions at our  WIDE OPEN BORDER.

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Breitbart released a leaked report from Customs and Border Protection that detailed how many immigrants have illegally crossed into the U.S. in the last six months. Of the many thousands of people from 75 different countries who entered illegally, at least 71 are from the three countries being ravaged by the Ebola outbreak. That sounds like a good reason to seal the border to me.

“We’re not going to hermetically seal the borders of the U.S.,” says CDC director Tom Frieden.

Naturally. Why would we want to make sure that no one carrying Ebola virus is roaming the country? Are you scared of a 50-90% fatality rate? We can’t “hermetically seal” the border, you know; we can’t even hypothetically seal it.

Obama has “No Choice but to Act” on Scamnesty: It’s President Obama’s birthday, and this time, he got you a present. A giant helping of scamnesty (and he put it on your credit card…hope that’s okay).

“I’m going to have to act alone,” Obama said on Friday. “We’ve run out of money.” (Like that’s ever stopped you before.)

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told ABC’s This Week, “The president has no choice but to act,” but whatever the president chooses to do will be “within the confines of the law.”

Excuse me ….(HA-ha-ha-ha-heh-heh-heh-ha-ha-haaah. Ha.  Ahem.)

Perry hoists liberals with their own petard: Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry ripped Obama for his Border insecurities on CNN, Sunday.

When host Candy Crowley suggested that Perry only called the National Guard to the Texas border for political points, Perry said he was protecting his people (as Obama wouldn’t) from the influx of criminals.

“80%-plus of individuals who don’t get talked about enough that are coming into the United States illegally and committing substantial crimes,” Perry said, adding that this group is responsible for 3,000 homicides and 8,000 sexual assaults in Texas.

Crowley responded that his 3,000 homicide figure was “wildly off.”

“What are the number of homicides that are acceptable to those individuals? How many sexual assaults do we have to have before the president of the United States and Washington, D.C., acts to keep our citizens safe?” Perry countered.

Excellent questions, sir. And all the more pointed because they are some of the Left’s favorites (like in the wake of school shootings or to promote their amnesty bills). How many people must be violently assaulted and killed before we can protect ourselves? In fact, I’d like to get a number from the Commander-in-Chief…if we can catch up to him on the golf course.

Nancy Pelosi outraged, charges across House floor at GOP Rep: One can always rely on the Washington elites to show us mere working mortals the finer side of civility. Like throwing a public fit on the House Floor and threatening a colleague.

Congressman Tom Marino called out the Democrats for exploiting the Border Crisis for political gain, detailing how they neglected to solve the problem when Pelosi was in control. When someone (possibly Pelosi) spoke out of turn that his point wasn’t true, Marino answered, “Yes it is true. I did the research on it. You might want to try it.”

That was enough to send Pelosi into an all-out rage on the House Floor. On video (courtesy of TPNN).

Like a crazed lunatic, Pelosi bolted from her chair to literally run through the aisles, trying to find the congressman following his floor comments. You can hear her in the background growling, “Where is he?”

“She came running over crossing the floor, which is a breach of protocol … and she came up to me wagging her finger and saying that I was a liar, a liar, and I simply said, ‘No, I do my research and I have my facts straight, perhaps you should try that,’” Marino told FOX News afterward.

“I am an insignificant person; she told me that twice, and I just simply said to her, ‘Do you want to talk about this in the back?’ and she said, ‘No’; she was visibly shaken,” Marino said.

He continued, “There are some people in Congress that think they are royalty … what happened there is a prime example of why we need term limits.” (POLITICO)

Quite so. Or congressional mental health exams.

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