Drug Cartels Have Americans Along Border Living in Fear

Democrats continue to tell everyone that there is no problem with having an open border and allowing everyone and anyone cross into the United States.

I know several people who live within 100 miles of the border and they all say that the Democrats are traitors to the American people.

One rancher found it so dangerous on his land, due to drug traffickers and illegal aliens, some of which he knows were Muslims, that his wife and daughter live with relatives further north.

He, and others, have been intimidated by drug cartels trafficking illegal drugs and they have many of them too frightened to say anything to US authorities.

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The National Sentinel – Fear and loathing on the border: Americans say they fear turning in cartels over retaliation – Americans living along the U.S.-Mexico border say they increasingly fear retaliation from human and drug smuggling cartels if they report their criminal activity to authorities.

In interviews with the Washington Examiner, more than a half-dozen residents who live between 30 and 50 miles from the border said calling for help if they’ve been burglarized or if they found a potential illegal migrant sleeping in one of their barns can lead to potentially dangerous consequences.

The site reported:

Billy Darnell, a cattle rancher in Hidalgo County who has lived in the region more than 70 years, said he calls in every incident but has paid the price for informing Border Patrol and the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department…

Barack Obama was invited to visit the border to see just how dangerous it was, but he always refused, saying there were no dangers or problems.

Americans should demand that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and every other Democrat wanting to block the funding and building of a border wall to visit the border WITHOUT armed security.

Le them talk to Americans who live along the border and let them see for themselves how so many Americans live in fear in their own country.

It’s easy to deny a problem if they never have to see it for themselves.



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