Dr. Michael Brown calls Christians to reject the ‘Status-Quo American Version of Christianity’

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Our Constitutional religious liberty is being threatened and torn a part by our own courts. More and more Christian American churches and denominations are redefining the biblical definition of marriage and are allowing same-sex “marriages.” Fewer and fewer pastors are willing to speak the truth of Christ and are watering down the commands of God for a social justice doctrine that does not reflect the scriptures.

Are we as Christians willing to accept this new normal in today’s American Christianity?

In a recent column, author Michael Brown refuses to accept this status quo of Christianity and writes why everything in scripture, Church history, the Spirit, and even in the experiences of his own life cry out against it.

“It’s high time that we quit trying to drag the Word of God down to our level of experience and commitment, trying to conform Scripture to our ways rather than conforming our ways to Scripture. Instead, we need to take hold of everything He has promised and everything He has called us to, and, by His grace, pursue and obey Him until His reality becomes our reality.”

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Do we obey and risk looking abnormal or dare I say fanatical to live out what God calls normal?

Brown writes, “As I have said for many years, what the world calls fanaticism and most of the church calls extremism, God calls normal. In the words of Leonard Ravenhill, ‘Christianity today is so subnormal that if any Christian began to act like a normal New Testament Christian, he would be considered abnormal’.”

What does normal look like in scriptures according to Jesus and the apostle Paul? How do we live out the normal of the New Testament in our world today and are we willing to stand out?

“They can call us crazy, judge us as religious extremists and put us out of their company. But if we walk in humility, if we bless and don’t curse, if we honor those in authority while determining to obey the Lord no matter what, the fruit of our lives will be the proof of God’s goodness.”

Are we willing to truly live out the gospel of Jesus Christ and sacrifice all for the sake of Christ who died as a sacrificial lamb for our sins?

When Jesus says “Follow Me”, are we willing to reject this new normal status quo brand of Christianity?

Dr. Michael Brown calls us to action, “Isn’t it time that our nation sees what God will do with a man or woman fully consecrated to Him? Isn’t it time that our generation has a true demonstration of the gospel?”

Are we willing?

Read Dr. Michael Brown’s full column here in Charisma News.

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Julie Klose
Julie Klose is both a content editor and columnist for BarbWire as well as a freelance writer and blogger. She is a Christian Conservative who is passionate about speaking out on issues that relate to faith and politics. You can follow Julie's writing and contact her through Facebook or Twitter.

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