DOUBLE STANDARD: High School Censors Pro-Life Group …Promotes ‘Gay’ Club

Pro-life champion Jill Stanek, writing yesterday for, called attention to a local high school which censored a pro-life group while at the same time promoting a gay club.

Earlier this month, the University of Alabama also censored a pro-life club, but it was the legal counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom that finally helped the university administration to see the light.  Now comes word that Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington, is pulling the same stunt.

Jill Stanek Reports:

Wilson Students for Life (WSFL), which has battled censorship ever since its launch last year, finally turned to the Thomas More Society for legal help when the school administrators rejected two Students for Life of America promotional posters last fall.

One of the banned posters features a quote from President Ronald Reagan: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.” The other poster utilizes a missing child milk carton image to mark the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion. (See the posters above and below.)

Stanek’s Article continues:

On February 11, the Thomas More Society sent Wilson High School principal Dan Besett a letter urging the school to reconsider, reminding it of the federal Equal Access Act, which requires school to give all student groups the same opportunities. The pro-life students had been told their posters were rejected due to a policy that states:

Acceptable posters do not offend staff or students, put others down if they have a different belief/opinion, or otherwise cause disruption. Posters that promote meetings, service projects, events, are the most common at school.

‘WSFL’s posters, the administration maintained, would violate this policy because they promote a message rather than solely promoting the group’s meetings,’ wrote TMS, noting, ‘Despite this policy, however, the administration has permitted the Wilson Gay Straight Alliance to hang flyers, for example, promoting homosexual relationships by showing conjoined male symbols and conjoined female symbols and stating ‘Love knows no limits,’’

Bryce Asberg, the 15-year-old leader of WSFL, said that he believes the Tacoma Public Schools are “trying to keep us from expressing our beliefs because of the content of our message.”

School district attorney Shannon McMinimee said only one poster was not allowed because of its “potentially disruptive” content.

The Thomas More Society’s letter to Wilson administrators alleges that Wilson Students for Life was “denied permission by Wilson High administrators to hold a day of silence, to hold a candlelight vigil or even to hang certain pro-life posters.”  The school administration disputes that claim.

The letter demands that Wilson High School end its discriminatory treatment of the student group, and requests a response from the school district by Feb. 25.  If the high school doesn’t remedy the situation to the satisfaction of the pro-life group, the students and their legal counsel are prepared to pursue the matter in court. 

Personally, I find it very refreshing to see these students standing up to this obvious double standard.  We typically hear more news stories about the irresponsible behavior of America’s youth, but in this case the pro-life students are displaying a wisdom and courage beyond their years.   As Bryce Asberg and his fellow gutsy classmates understand, the sanctity of human life and the legal protection of preborn babies is a message worth defending. 

These young people have taken their stand…now it’s your move!

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