Dossier Used to Obtain FISA Warrant Against Trump Campaign Never Verified Before or After Warrant Issued

During the 2016 presidential campaign, a damaging anti-Trump dossier was made public.

Hillary Clinton, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee all denied having anything to do with the dossier.

Then Trump claimed he and his campaign was being spied upon by the Obama administration who denied all claims.

Since the election, we have learned that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National committee combined to pay millions of dollars to Fusion GPS for production of the infamous dossier.

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We also learned that the Obama administration did in fact spy on a member of Trump’s campaign in Trump Tower during the election and that the dossier was used to help obtain the FISA warrant which allowed the spying.

If James Comey’s testimony is to be believed, the FBI never verified the dossier before obtaining the FISA warrant nor have they ever verified the dossier since the election.

The Hill – Comey’s confession: dossier not verified before, or after, FISA warrant – Many people I know in law enforcement circles shuddered when James Comey tweeted recently that acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker “may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

To them, Comey’s Twitter attack crossed that “blue line” – the one that real cops abide by, to never criticize fellow officers and to always have their backs.

I had a different reaction. I found it odd that a man who started his Twitter career by quoting Bible verses about justice might have forgotten one of the golden utterances from Jesus himself: “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

The failures of Comey’s remarkably turbulent and short tenure as FBI director were on display again Friday on Capitol Hill, when he was interviewed in a closed-door session by two House committees. Republican lawmakers were aghast at his sudden lack of recollection of key events…

It was also revealed by a top DNC official that Hillary Clinton had worked with the DNC to insure her nomination over rival Bernie Sanders.

We also know that Fusion GPS, hired by the Clinton campaign and DNC worked with the Russian lawyer who tried to entrap Donald Trump Jr.

Don’t forget that the same Russian lawyer should not have been allowed into the US, but received a special permit from the Obama administration.

And yet, the media, Democrats and half of America continues to wait or evidence with which President Donald Trump could be charged with a crime and removed from office.



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