Chairman of the Congressional Benghazi committee Trey Gowdy spoke out on MSNBC’s Morning Joe at Republican Kevin McCarthy for his comments suggesting that the only purpose of the committee was to hurt Hillary Clinton politically.

Kevin is not on the Benghazi committee. Kevin, I’m sure, doesn’t know we’ve interviewed forty-one witnesses that none of the previous committees have interviewed, including seven eyewitnesses. I would just respectfully ask folks to look at what we’ve done and look at October 22nd and you’ll see a fact-centric, professional fair hearing.

Scarborough raised the extreme frustration Gowdy and fellow conservative Republicans must feel about the McCarthy gaffe stating:

You and I both like Kevin very much, he’s a great guy. I can’t imagine how angry I would be if I were in your position, working nonstop to bring credibility to what I consider to be a very important investigation, and then a guy who I consider a friend and ally undercut you this way.

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Gowdy’s retort was placid.

Well, he is a friend, but my first reaction is, ‘Kevin, you’re wrong. When Speaker called me, he never mentioned Secretary Clinton’s name. In fact, we’ve had three public hearings, Joe. I never mentioned her name.

Gowdy is a polite Southerner and respectful discourse is par for the course in the South. And naturally, respect has its place, like in a court of law. It’s paramount there. But in a public relations battle, where a supposed ally has knifed you the back, and publicly shamed the effort to expose Hilary’s crimes, respect is the last thing you offer.

Anyone who thought the leadership problems were solved with the exodus of Speaker Boehner needs to think again. McCarthy is the same as Boehner is minus the crying….


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Tristan Emmanuel
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