Donald Trump Should Call The New York Times Scum Bags Too

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In past public appearances Donald Trump has indicated that he “respected the New York Times” but has castigated the Politico for being “scum” and “absolutely dishonest.” Perhaps it’s time for Trump to add the New York Times to the list of scum bags that really don’t deserve the time of day.

Yesterday, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times penned the following: From Donald Trump, Hints of a Campaign Exit Strategy, stating:

In unmistakable ways over the last two weeks, whether he has intended to or not, Donald J. Trump has started to articulate a way out of the presidential race: a verbal parachute that makes clear he has contemplated the factors that would cause him to end his bid.

She noted that many in the establishment have flirted and fantasized over the idea of Donald quitting in “private”. That revelation is not news. They’ve made their wish known loud and clear from the moment Trump announced.

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Admittedly nothing I write here is news to any of you. I know you all know it already. Nevertheless I have committed myself to reporting the record between Trump and the media. And Haberman and the New York Times have proved Trump’s axiom – the media is the enemy.

Haberman’s piece is not only wishful-thinking, it is also a blatant form of advocacy journalism. The premise “that Donald will eventually opt out of the GOP race because he can’t stomach the idea of possibly losing” is flawed for three reasons.

  1. Donald Trump will lose – despite his frontrunner status – because the establishment says so
  2. Donald Trump will eventually concede because the establishment doesn’t want him in the race
  3. Donald Trump – in answering a hypothetical questions – has signalled that he’s quiting… eventually… some time… when the polls fail… sometime…

To unpack these flawed premises this let’s start with point three first and work backwards.

Point Three: Trump has signaled he’s quitting the race

Even though Trump has made it very clear he’s NOT quitting the race, the establishment continues to trumpet the “scoop” that Donald Trump signaled he’s is getting out. Joining the chorus of sycophants (which include Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper of CNN) who are restating Chuck Todd’s “scoop,” Habermas reminds her readers of the infamous interview.

“I’m not a masochist,” Mr. Trump told Chuck Todd, the host of “Meet the Press” on NBC News, last weekend. “If I were doing poorly, if I saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because you no longer have any interest in Trump because ‘he has no chance,’ I’d go back to my business.”

As far as a “scoop” goes, this one is a farce. But then we must remember that the aim of the media is not to inform the public about genuine news stories, rather it is to present their “opinions” as genuine news. That’s why most articles concerning Donald Trump’s poll standings are always based on far-fetched speculative interpretations (“the experts say…”) nonsense. To restate it another way, the media values their own opinions more than actual hard news. Chuck Todd is a respected member of this world and so his hypothetical question became the “scoop.”

As an aside, this story reveals a lot more about Donald Trump the candidate then about the sycophant media. Trump is clearly not a trained politician. And that is precisely why he is so popular. Unfortunately, he needs to learn never to answer hypothetical questions like the one Todd asked. Trump, for all his experience as a celebrity is actually not trained to deal with the political press, and that is why he needs to remind himself never to take any question from them as an honest sincere question. With this media there is always an underlying agenda.

Concerning Todd’s question any normal person would quit a campaign if, given no choice, and no path forward it was impossible to continue. Trump’s response to Todd in that context is a truism, a tautology. Obviously, to continue to run when the conditions make it impossible would be “masochist”.

However, to Todd, CNN and Haberman common sense is irrelevant. It’s the narrative that matters to them. And in their narrative Trump has to lose or quit. And therefore answering a hypothetical question, as Chuck Todd presented it, is as good as a concession speech. Trump’s answer, in their view, gave them license to bend Trump’s words, twist his intent and ignore the context so they could present their interpretation as a fact.

Again, when you think of the media, remember, don’t think of them as reporting “fair and balanced” news where you get to decide the interpretation–because they are non-existent. They are all about twisting comments and ignoring context so they can force the “facts” to fit their narrative. And in the case of Trump the narrative is: Trump is going to lose because we say so.

Point Two: Donald Trump will eventually concede because the establishment doesn’t want him in the race

So, despite the fact that Donald Trump continues to be the GOP frontrunner and despite the fact that he has dominated the Republican primary polls since the end of July 2015, both inside the beltway strategists and media personalities insist that he can’t win and therefore they have to invent a scenario in which he will drop out.

To infuse their opinions with credibility they have to creatively interpret fluctuations in the polls. They call them “contractions” and even though the latest national polls show that Trump still remains the clear frontrunner by a 15% spread from the nearest contender – Ben Carson – the media continues to present the most obscure poll fluctuation as “diminishing” poll numbers. Haberman puts it this way:

While Mr. Trump still leads major national polls and surveys in early voting states, that lead has recently shrunk nationally, and the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed his support eroding in New Hampshire, the first primary state. His recent comments have lent credence to the views of political observers who had long believed the perennially self-promoting real estate mogul would ultimately not allow himself to face the risk of losing.

Point One: Donald Trump will lose – despite his frontrunner status – because the establishment says so

Of course the preceding assumptions are ultimately based on the primary premise: That the establishment says its so and so it has to be so. It’s the establishment that desperately has to save face, not Donald Trump. They have to shore up their diminishing credibility. Ever since Trump announced his candidacy, no group has been more vocal about predicting his eventual demise then the media and been wrong about everything.

Initially they shrugged him off as a “clown” a “buffoon” and a “blowhard” who no one would take seriously. Then when that didn’t work, they predicted that his gaffes would be his ultimate demise. First was the brouhaha over his announcement speech when he referred to “rapists” and “murderers” coming from Mexico. Establishment people blew up in rage condemning Trump for xenophobia. They did this not because they actually care about Mexican people but because this was the opportunity to legitimize their narrative. But that didn’t work either.

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