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Presidential candidate, Donald Trump visited Liberty University today to address the student body. While Liberty University does not endorse political candidates, the audience was gracious and respectful and generally receptive and responsive to Mr. Trump’s message.

The first thing Donald Trump did after his introduction by Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, was to ask for the teleprompters to be removed from the podium. His speech was unscripted. He had a few notes with him, but did not read them, only occasionally referring to his prepared words.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Trump stated something that most conservatives and nearly all Christians have known for years — that the media is dishonest. The roars and cheers that followed paved the way for the candidate to explain a few of the problems with 2016 America and his plans to rectify them.

The leftists in the media have turned Trump’s sensible proposal to halt the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States pending intense screening for ties to terrorists into an Islamophobic rant. They have made his proposal to close the border with Mexico into an anti-Hispanic policy of discrimination. Many of us can still recall how NBC and Brian Williams distorted the federal disaster response following Hurricane Katrina into an act of overt racism by President George W. Bush.

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Whether people favor Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush or one of the other Republican candidates, we must all remember who the real enemy is in this battle Satan and the Democrat politicians who are under his dominion, whether by choice or in ignorance. The goal of winning in November must not be obscured. We have seen again and again that the candidate with the best message is not always the best choice for the White House. In addition, when a candidate wins the nomination, but fails to win the election, all conservatives lose. The past two presidential elections are proof enough of that.

America has many problems ahead, for whomever wins the election in November. By any standard of measurement, Obamacare is a disastrous failure and must be repealed. Those who must pay for their own health care are being driven into plans that are not beneficial or into bankruptcy. Abortion funding makes Obamacare indefensible. Americans overwhelmingly opposed it, but a Democrat-controlled Congress forced it upon us.

The Constitution has been perverted and must be upheld. We need Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress who actually believe that the Constitution is the best document to preserve the legitimate freedoms of the American peoplenot one that must be perfected or frequently modernized according to fatally-flawed liberal ideologies. Any others must be ferociously opposed.

Thanks to Congressional Democrats and Republicans, our national debt is now $21 trillion and that must be drastically cut. It’s crippling our economy. America’s trade partners must be made to be equal partners rather than being permitted to flood our markets and block our access to theirs. Private industry will always provide the competition to drive costs lower. It should not be penalized for its success by endless unnecessary government regulation.

Our military has been weakened in order to divert taxpayer dollars to wasteful government programs. U.S. servicemen and women have been demoralized by our own government leaders, and they have not been supported. As a result, we cannot defeat ISIS. Only a strong and vibrant military will win the respect of the nations of the world. The arms deal with Iran was corrupt and foolish and must be withdrawn.

America ranks 29th in the world in educating our children. Public education in the United States needs a drastic overhaul and some private competition. Nothing works like open and honest competition to drive academic excellence back to the top and keep costs down, but private competition will not be popular with the teachers’ unions. Only a tough national leader will be able to go over the heads of Congress and the media to appeal directly to the American people. President Ronald Reagan used this tactic effectively to gain the support of the public to rebuild the U.S. military over the objections of a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, and the political deception of a national media that was hostile toward his administration and policies.

The late Reverend Jerry Falwell endured much criticism in 1980 for his support of Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter. Some were concerned that former California Governor Ronald Reagan had problematic ties with Hollywood. Carter was a former Sunday School teacher and, like Rev. Falwell, Carter was a Baptist. But history remembers Carter’s inept handling of the Iran hostage crisis and his failed economic policies, and documents Reagan enormous successes. Rev. Falwell reportedly said that if he was electing a candidate for Sunday School teacher, he might vote for Carter, but he was voting for the president of the United States, and saw Reagan as the best choice.

The past seven years have been costly and devastating to the United States on a multitude of national fronts. The nation and the people have paid a heavy price for the treachery, incompetence and corruption of the Obama administration. Since 2008, Obama has promoted wickedness, encouraged racism and celebrated perversion, violated federal laws and circumvented the Constitution that he was entrusted to uphold. We can disagree about which candidate will make a better nominee or national leader, but we must not forget that surrendering the nation to another unworthy and anti-America Democrat is not an option.

Ted Cruz may be a better Christian. He may be the most polished political candidate. Jeb Bush may have a wider appeal and better political advisors than Trump or Cruz. But Donald Trump is a strong proven and successful leader. There is a refreshing appeal to Donald Trump in that he is not indebted to any special interest group or even to the Republican party for funding of his campaign.

Nevertheless, in November, we will be electing the best candidate to win the race for President of the United States, not a Sunday School teacher or pastor. In this election, winning is everything, and losing to another feckless and corrupt Democrat is unacceptable. Regardless of who wins in November, Christians and conservatives must not think that having voted, our civil duty is over for the next four years. We will have to continue to bring good and godly influences to our government to ensure that it serves the best interests of all of the people.

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Timothy Buchanan
Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran and the author of two published books, “The Threat from within: Denial of Truth” and “The Boobonic Plague.” He’s a former defense contractor, broadcast engineer, and he currently lives with his wife near the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

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