DOJ & Nadler Differ on Scope of Deal to Allow Viewing of Mueller Report

Democrats have a long history of operating by a blank check mentality.

When it comes to spending on things they want, the sky is the limit, as they can always tax the American people.

When it comes to giving them any leeway on anything, they automatically think it’s a blank check that gives them access to everything.

Such is the mentality being exhibited by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, who believes that deal worked out with the DOJ gives House Democrats full access to everything about the Mueller report.

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However, DOJ officials say the deal was not a blank check, but only gives them access to certain documents involved with the Mueller report.

Fox News – DOJ pushes back at Dem gloating over Mueller report deal: ‘This isn’t a blank check’ – DOJ pushes back at Dem gloating over Mueller report deal: ‘This isn’t a blank check’ – Justice Department officials are pushing back on the suggestion that a recently struck deal with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler will give Democrats unfettered access to documents pertaining to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

A source familiar with the negotiations told Fox News on Tuesday that while the agreement with Nadler, D-N.Y., would allow members of his committee to review certain underlying evidence associated with the Mueller report, he is not going to get access to “whatever documents he wants.”

“This is not a blank check. They can’t just see whatever they want,” the source told Fox News. “They have to tell us what they want to see and then we will consider that legitimate request. This is just the start of a process.” …

In what is sure to infuriate Nadler and his fellow Democrats is the clarification that whenever Nadler requests a document that the White House gets to review the document first to determine if it is appropriate to give to House Democrats.

This comes at time when another House committee is trying to file contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General William Barr for his refusal to appear before the committee after being subpoenaed to appear.

Some are urging President Donald Trump to exercise his executive privilege to keep Barr from being forced to appear before the House committee.

After all, Obama did the same thing with then Attorney General Eric Holder when congressional Republicans tried to subpoena him for testifying about Operation Fast and Furious.



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