DOJ Indicts Russian Spies for Cyber Hacking

An Olympic athlete I knew some years back told me that the reason Russia won so many medals is that many of their athletes take drugs to enhance strength and endurance and that is what led to much of the drug testing in sports today.

Not that long ago, a number of Russian athletes were caught doping and using drugs.

The problem was so rampant that Russia was banned from sending athletes to the last Olympics.

Winning Olympic medals has long been a matter of pride for Russian leaders.

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The Department of Justice announced that they have indicted 7 Russian spies for cyber hacking and revealing the Olympic drug tests of a number of athletes.

(Washington Times) – The Justice Department on Thursday announced the indictment of seven Russian military spies on cyber hacking charges linked to the leaking of Olympic athletes’ drug-test data in an alleged attempt to undermine international efforts to expose Russian doping.

Four of the officers with Russia’ GRU military intelligence agency also were charged with targeting organizations probing Russia’s alleged use of chemical weapons, including the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain. Three were indicted in July for allegedly conspiring to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

The indictment further exposes Moscow’s ongoing, widespread campaign to discredit western democracy and international institutions through disinformation and other measures. The aim, officials said, is to muddy or alter perceptions of the truth.

The announcement came as the British government on Thursday accused the GRU of “reckless and indiscriminate cyberattacks,” blaming it for everything from the hacking of top athletes’ medical records to disruptions on the Kiev subway system to the theft of emails at the Democratic National Committee…

In today’s world cyber technology, it’s obvious that intelligence agents and officials from many countries, including the US, will turn to hacking when they believe it serves their purpose.

Countries are taking advantage of cyber hacking to influence the elections and economy in other countries.

Worse yet, cyber criminals steal billions of dollars from corporations and individuals.

This is why I only use my phone, tablet and computer when I have to and then not for many personal things, as nothing is safe once it’s been used online for anything.



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