DOJ Accuses Chinese Spies of Hacking Numerous US Companies & Government Departments

Computer espionage is a growing industry, carried out by many individuals, companies and governments.

Even the US government has hacked into personal accounts of many US citizens, all in the name of national security.

Chances are, there are US government agencies that hack into foreign entities.

The trick to this booming espionage industry is how to hack without being caught.

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That appears to be the problem with spies working for the Chinese intelligence agency, the Ministry of State Security.

The US Department of Justice just went public with an indictment of the Chinese hacking of numerous US tech companies and various US government departments.

Tech Crunch – Justice Department accuses Chinese spies of hacking into dozens of US tech and industry giants – The Justice Department has unsealed a damning indictment that links to spies working for the Chinese government an aggressive campaign to hack into U.S. tech and industry giants.

The indictment, out Thursday, accuses China’s main intelligence agency — the Ministry of State Security — of hacking into dozens of tech companies and government departments, largely in an effort to steal intellectual property. Prosecutors said the hackers were part of a Beijing-backed group, dubbed APT10, which various security companies had previously linked to China.

Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong, both nationals and residents of China, were charged with three counts each of computer hacking, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

None of the companies were named, but noted that the hackers targeted and “stole hundreds of gigabytes of sensitive data” in aviation, space and satellite technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and oil and gas exploration, as well as from communications and computer processor firms and maritime technology companies…

A couple of weeks ago, Canada arrested a top Chinese business person at the request of the United States on charges of espionage and hacking.

Since that time, China has been retaliating against Canada by arresting some of their people.

Tensions between the US and China are already strained over President Trump’s trade tariffs and the US military denial of China’s claim to much of the South China Sea.

With this indictment, I would advise all US tourists to get out of China while you can before they are arrested for any retaliatory charges the Chinese government may fabricate.



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