Disillusionment Ahead for Incoming Democrats

In this week’s swearing in of new Senators and Representatives, there is a large number of freshmen Democrats who are all fired up and ready to transform America in the United Socialist States of America.

They have announced plans to impeach President Donald Trump, repeal the tax cuts (especially for the wealthy), pass free universal Medicare for all, free college tuition for all, increased taxes and the mandatory conversion from oil, natural gas and coal to renewable green energy.

Some have even vowed to eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement and open the borders for any all criminals, violent gang members and terrorists and then give them the right to vote.

How, a similar group of Democrats were almost as enthusiastic about some of the same things over a decade ago, but with a Republican president, they soon became disillusioned.

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The Washington Free Beacon – The Coming Democratic Disillusion – Column: Control of the House isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – On Thursday, after eight years in the minority, Nancy Pelosi returned to power as speaker of the House of Representatives. Her party controls 235 seats to the Republicans’ 199. One contest, in North Carolina, has yet to be decided. The Democratic majority is a couple seats larger than the one Pelosi led more than a decade ago. Back then a Republican resided in the White House as well. By the seventh year of his presidency, when some 100 U.S soldiers were killed in Iraq every month and gas on average cost $2.80 per gallon, George W. Bush was about as popular as Donald Trump is today. And in 2007, as we all remember, Pelosi’s Democrats set about enacting universal health care and ending the war in Iraq.

Fooled you! Actually, the victories of the 110th Congress were much more modest: a minimum wage increase, lobbying reform, and a ban of incandescent light bulbs. Health care had to wait for a subsequent Congress and a Democratic president. So did withdrawal from Iraq—though retreat didn’t work out as planned, and America returned, in much smaller numbers, in 2014. The history of Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as speaker is a reminder of the limitations and tenuousness of political victories (and defeats).

I suspect Pelosi is aware of this lesson. I doubt her caucus is. More than a quarter of them are freshmen, many are young, and two are self-avowed democratic socialists. They are inclined to believe history began when Barack Obama entered Mile High Stadium in Denver. It’s an impression encouraged by cable news, which spent the run up to Pelosi’s investiture celebrating the youth, diversity, and ambition of the House Democratic freshmen. And yet, for all the talk of Alison Spanberger and the “Badass Caucus,” of how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib “aren’t going to take no for an answer,” of grand plans for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All, there remains the inescapable reality of power. Democrats don’t really have it. Indeed, they have even less than the last time Pelosi became speaker…

They may be disillusioned over the next two years, but a public acceptance of socialism has been increasing, especially among brainwashed Millennials.

Ten years ago, Democrats managed to pass America’s first major openly socialist program – the Affordable Care Act (FDR’s New Deal and Social Security were the first real national socialist programs).

The further our nation turns from God and embraces the many sins and debaucheries of today’s society, the more likely it is that Democrats will regain control in 2020 and if that happens, I’m certain it will be the final death blow to the America we once knew and loved.



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