Did Trump Just Invite More Terrorist Attacks?

One of the reasons businessman Donald Trump was elected president is because he is not afraid to speak out on topics that are not necessarily part of the political status quo.

His outspokenness on illegal immigration and border helped to get him elected and has caused his opponents to lambast him and scream for his impeachment.

Since becoming president, Trump has not only caused outrage from critics but also among Republicans and supporters.

Has his latest outrageous statement about fully defeating ISIS in in Iraq and Syria by next week been the most outrageous?

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Will his statement spur more terrorist attacks just to prove him wrong?

The Epoch Times – Trump Predicts Full Defeat of ISIS in Iraq, Syria by Next Week – U.S. President Donald Trump said during a visit to the State Department on Feb. 6 that he is confident troops fighting ISIS will be announcing the 100 percent defeat of the self-proclaimed caliphate within a week.

“Nobody thought it was possible to do it this quickly,” Trump told members of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS at a meeting in Washington.

“It should be formally announced, probably sometime next week, that we will have 100 percent of the caliphate,” he said. “[T]he ISIS caliphate has been decimated.”

U.S. officials have said in recent weeks that ISIS has lost 99.5 percent of its territory and is holding on to less than 2 square miles in Syria, in the villages of the Middle Euphrates River Valley, where the bulk of the fighters are concentrated…

I’m not questioning the ability of US troops and the coalitions working them to fight against ISIS terrorists.

However, just a year or so ago, ISIS was reported to have hundreds of millions of dollars.

It also appears that ISIS is still recruiting and radicalizing Muslims and misguided millennials.

ISIS also has allies in other areas of the world.

ISIS is far from being defeated and will likely try to move right back into Syria and Iraq and could escalate attacks around the world just because of Trump’s declaration.



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