Did the Prophet Isaiah Foresee an Upside America?

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It’s now officially an upside down world. The Prophet Isaiah must have written chapter 5, verse 20 with us in mind.

You’ve probably heard, a man is now a woman, if he says so. Tomorrow, he may want to be a man again, so be prepared to treat him accordingly, which oddly enough doesn’t mean to treat him as if he’s schizophrenic. If he wants to use the women’s restroom at the theater, don’t let your wife object. If she’s uncomfortable sharing the facilities with a guy in a dress, maybe she can feign masculinity and use the men’s toilet. The lines are usually shorter.

In case you missed it, it’s now homophobic to consider behavior the Bible calls an abomination to actually be an abomination. Now it’s officially wrong to say so. In fact, those who say so have become an abomination to the new worldview by recognizing abominations as, well, abominations.

You might recall George Washington court-marshalled a revolutionary soldier, drumming him out of the army for being a practicing homosexual. But in today’s la la land the Commander in Chief has nominated an openly homosexual fella to be secretary of the Army. If George were still around, no doubt he’d be court-marshalled for objecting.

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Not everything has inverted. A woman today who wants a baby may still have one. But if she prefers, she can wait until her child ripens, so to speak, in her womb, and then have Planned Parenthood yank the baby out, slice it up and sell off its body parts. This apparently is perfectly legal, says Planned Parenthood, as long as they don’t make more money than needed to cover actual costs involved in slicing and dicing. If you dare document such baby harvesting, however, a Justice Department investigation may be in your future.

If you were concerned about being called a “hater” because you believe homosexual sex is sinful, your worries may just be beginning. A new study by Italian university students claims people with strongly negative views about homosexuality also have higher levels of “psychoticism” and inappropriate coping mechanisms than do those who are gay-friendly.

If the ever-pliable mental illness industry notices this, it may mean that soon you won’t just be a hater and bigot for viewing sin as a sin. You could soon be diagnosed mentally ill. If they don’t fine and exclude you right out of society, they might sentence you to a padded room in the cuckoo’s nest. Ever been fitted for a straight-jacket?

Speaking of which, some of us regard psychiatry and psychology endearingly as the whacky “sciences,” not because of the people they claim to diagnose, but because of the people doing the diagnosing. To understand how this cabal of “scientists” who don’t use real science operates, you must understand that they vote on what to call “mental illness,” and then put it in their bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That’s how homosexuality was classified a mental disorder until 1973 when extensive lobbying changed enough votes to declassify it. There’s nothing like political pressure to determine the definition of science, eh?

Speaking of political influences distorting science, it was none other than the esteemed “scientific” minds of the U.S. Supreme Court that calculated in 1973 that it was just peachy to rip apart, drown or otherwise destroy a live child in its mother’s womb if the mother wanted to avoid giving birth – as long as the baby had not been conceived more than 6 or 7 months prior, give or take. In a spirit reminiscent of their psychiatric and psychological counterparts, “scientific-minded” judges have since played ping pong with how many months it takes for a child to become “viable.” Hence we have the current political pressure for what is euphemistically called “late-term abortion,” known in actual scientific language as infanticide.

In this, the land of the free, we have been brave enough to buck reality even in matters fiscal and economic. If you follow government you’ve seen the new normal come into full bloom. Even after outraged, overtaxed constituents insist enough is enough, the best politicians can manage is to increase their spending and taxation less than they originally wanted to. A smaller increase is what passes today for a “cut” or a “reduction.”

The nation’s immigration policy, for all intents and purposes, has been vacated. As far as we can tell, someone determined there’s no need to stem the flow of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants constantly crossing our southern border because, variously, they take jobs Americans won’t or, after all, it’s the compassionate thing to do.

Even so, in the face of consequent rising social service costs, inadequate housing, overflowing emergency rooms and increasing murder rates where these interlopers settle, not long ago it might still have been considered curious if the president announced his intention to add to the out-of-control influx another 30,000 Middle East migrants, mostly Muslim (although some estimate it will be closer to 100,000 by the time it’s finished). This is on top of the 3 million Muslims admitted to the U.S. since 2001.

What could go wrong? It’s not like we have a real-life example of what happens when people who don’t speak the language, detest the culture and religion and are disrespectful of the laws go where they aren’t invited. Oh wait. We do. Europe. Well, as I said, it’s an upside down world.

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Mark Landsbaum
Mark Landsbaum is a Christian husband, father, grandfather and journalist who has written for a living for 43 years, ever since discovering he had no particular talents. He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and in the archives of the Orange County Register where he wrote another column for 10 years. He can be reached at Mark.Landsbaum@gmail.com.

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