Did the Great Falling Away Just Suck Up Another Christian Institution?

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Is this another sign of the Great Falling Away? A “Christian” university in Arizona is acknowledging gay marriage. Grand Canyon University is now extending benefits to same-sex marriage partners.

The university issued the following statement outlining the reasons behind that decision, with plenty of justification for its anti-biblical stance. I don’t need to comment much on this one. You can clearly see the deception in the statement:

“Since its inception in 1949, Grand Canyon University has been founded upon strong Christian principles and a commitment to the full inspiration of Scripture as the infallible, true and authoritative Word of God,” the statement reads.

Unfortunately, giving a nod to same-sex marriage by extending these benefits cracks the foundation. Although GCU maintains that marriage is a “sacred union between a man and a woman, which will continue to be espoused throughout the university’s curriculum and classrooms,” they have nonetheless to give a nod to gay marriage by extending benefits so as to respect and honor its neighbors and the law.

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“The university’s decision to extend benefits has been made freely and without compulsion by the state,” the statement reads. “The University has voluntarily chosen to extend benefits as a way of demonstrating grace and compassion toward individuals and families that are affected by our decision. This decision should be interpreted as an act of good faith toward employees and their families whom the University does not view as pawns in the current cultural conflict. Rather, they are human beings who are loved by their Creator and worthy of the same value and dignity that we extend to others regardless of their personal values and convictions.”

Indeed, God loves everyone but the “pawns” statement confused me. In chess, a pawn has the least value and can never be promoted to king. A pawn is also someone used to forward the purposes of another.

Is this university concerned that people will think it has gay employees as pawns? Where is the pressure coming from? Is it a heartfelt conviction of the Holy Spirit? If so, why is this one of only a few Christian colleges to make this move? Are the others missing the Holy Ghost? Can a Christian college essentially bless same-sex marriage and still be a Christian college? Is this what Jesus would do?

“Regardless of criticism, GCU will remain steadfast in its commitment to follow the example of Jesus who consistently showed kindness and compassion to all, regardless of worldview or lifestyle, while speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). At some points Christ infuriated religious leaders and at other points He drew the wrath of secular authorities, yet He continued to minister to all without fail,” the statement reads. “If providing benefits to all who are legally married enables the University to continue ministering to its employees and their families within an increasingly complex cultural context, then we will gladly provide benefits. We hope that in doing so we will be permitted to withdraw from fruitless culture wars that tend to yield more heat than light and more hostility than genuine cultural engagement.”

Wait, what? Fruitless culture wars? Is GCU really saying that Christians should not engage in the spiritual war that’s trying to make darkness the norm in our society? Do the leaders of this institution really believe that disengaging from a culture war in which anti-Christ agendas are working overtime to silence the gospel is wisdom?

The bottom line is: Nobody is forcing the university’s hand, though it did get a nasty letter from the American Civil Liberties Union last year with accusations of discrimination. But if all it takes is a few idle threats to move us off God’s Word, we’re in trouble. Let’s begin to pray for our Christian institutions, which are clearly the target of a strong delusion that is trying to suck them into the Great Falling Away Paul prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Check out my article: “7 Ways to Escape the Great Falling Away.”

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Jennifer LeClaire
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