Did Fake News and Biased Tech Giants Help Democrats in Midterms?

During the 2016 elections, some of the mainstream media began to run blatantly false news reports in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election.

Fortunately for the rest of America, Trump won, but much of the media didn’t just continue running fake news stories about Trump, but they escalated their attacks on him.

Over the past two years, some the tech giants – Facebook, Google, Twitter and others – also launched attacks against conservatives, trying their best to silence the truth and influence the 2018 midterm elections.

During the last several months before the elections, the tech giants, especially Facebook, shutdown over a thousand pages and accounts in their attempts to influence the election in favor of Democrats, but were they really that influential?

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The New American – What impact did the anti-Trump, anti-GOP bias of the Fake News media complex, together with the leftward tilt of the Google-Facebook-Twitter complex, and deep-pocket Democrat donors have on the recent midterm elections? It’s difficult to say with any precision at this point, since data regarding many aspects of these factors is not yet available.

But what is evident thus far is that Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Money dramatically aided the Democrats — and the more liberal-left Democrats, at that — in many races. Despite these huge advantages in the form of support from the “mainstream” media and the social media titans, along with an historic fundraising frenzy that saw Democrats greatly outspending Republicans, the party of Obama-Clinton-Pelosi-Schumer failed to pull off the “progressive” Blue Wave that many so-called experts predicted.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters & Co. are going to be back in control of the House of Representatives come January, which is, undoubtedly, a frightening thought to millions of Americans. The Democrats picked up at least 26 House seats, and that could grow to 28 or 30 by the time recounts are finalized. However, considering historical precedents and the predictions of even bigger GOP House losses than actually occurred, President Trump was not out of line in declaring the results a victory. It is more usual than not for the party in control of the White House to lose seats in the House and/or Senate in the midterm elections. In the 1994 midterms, Bill Clinton lost 52 House seats and Barack Obama lost 63 in the 2010 midterms…

Considering that many younger people (millennials) get most of their news from social media instead of watching the news on television or reading a newspaper, it appears that the fake news and tech giants were successful enough to wrestle control of the House away from Republicans.

The question many conservatives are asking is if anything will be done to protect their First Amendment rights or will social media be allowed to continue their unconstitutional attacks on conservatives and Christians?

With Democrats controlling the House come January, it’s likely that Congress will do nothing.

This means that it will come down to conservatives banding together to take legal action against the tech giants and heir host of attorneys and millions of dollars to spend on legal fees.

It would not surprise many of us conservatives to see the tech giants shut down every conservative website and page prior to the 2020 elections.



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